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Young accountant shares why he bought a condo in the middle of the pandemic

October 17, 2021

Thinking of investing in a condo? Let this young homebuyer tell why you should take the plunge and buy your first property now. Get to know Ranz's story here!

Investing in a property is a big commitment to make, more so in the middle of a pandemic.


Like all homebuyers, Ranz Alegre, 26, also had to make a big decision when he bought a unit at DMCI Homes’ Allegra Garden Place along Pasig Boulevard in Pasig City recently.


While homebuying seemed daunting, he still pursued his dream to own a property in his 20s knowing that it will do him good in the long run.


“I've decided to invest in a condo even at my age because even though it’s a long-term commitment, the way I see it, now is the perfect time for me to commit to a long-term investment while I'm young,” shared Ranz.


“I'm currently 26 years old and I still don't have that much commitment. But as you know, as we grow older, our responsibilities add up as well. And the more responsibilities that we get, the less opportunity we have on tying up our money to such huge investments. So, the way I see it, it's a perfect opportunity for me. I am positioned in my life to commit to such huge investment,” he continued.


Apart from being in a good position to take on a big commitment, Ranz said there are four good reasons that made it easy for him to decide to pursue his dream even during these uncertain times.


Ranz says Allegra Garden Place is the most ideal property to invest in among condominiums located near his workplace in BGC in terms of price per square meter.


‘You can never go wrong with real estate’


As an accountant and financial advisor by profession, Ranz knows too well that property investing is the best way to make his money grow no matter the situation.


“In terms of investment, I’m kind of familiar with behaviors. And I think what prompted me to invest despite the pandemic is the fact that real estate is known to be very resilient. So you can never go wrong with real estate,” he related.


“Compared with the stock market which is very volatile, one bad news na hindi nagustuhan ng public about specific company would result na agad with the stock prices going down. With real estate, slow man ‘yong movements in prices pero very resilient siya like what is happening now during the pandemic. If you look at historical prices of real estate natin, pataas pa rin siya, kahit nag-lockdown ‘yong businesses,” he pointed out.


Real estate is likewise a timeless investment as people will always need a place to live in according to Ranz. “Since we have a very limited land area, the demand for real estate will also go up as the population grows. The same goes with real estate prices.”


‘Allegra Garden Place is well worth the investment’


So when he found a condominium development near his workplace in BGC that is worth his money, Ranz knew that it was time that he invests in a property. 


“I was looking for a property that's near BGC where the price is still very reasonable. So looking at the market, looking at my options, I saw Allegra Garden Place is the most ideal one in terms of price per square meter,” Ranz revealed.


“If you look at other projects within Pasig, ‘yong mga katabing mga competitors ni Allegra, ‘yong price per square meter nila definitely higher na. In terms of value for money, sulit na sulit si Allegra Garden Place,” he pointed out.


His decision to buy at Allegra Garden Place was also buoyed by his confidence in DMCI Homes, knowing the Quadruple A developer’s outstanding track record in delivering quality condominiums. 


“I know that DMCI always delivers on their promises. And the difference of DMCI properties with other developments is you don't feel like you're living in a box. Sa ibang condo properties kasi di ba paglabas mo kahon ulit, other unit agad. With DMCI properties you feel like it's a community. Parang hindi ka nakatira sa condo, para kang nakatira sa resort, yun  ‘yong feeling mo.”


“With DMCI properties you feel like it's a community. Parang hindi ka nakatira sa condo, para kang nakatira sa resort, yun ‘yong feeling mo,” Ranz says on what convinced him to invest in a DMCI Homes property. (Artist’s illustration of the view from a unit’s balcony)


‘Very good payment terms’


Since the market is on a downturn because of the pandemic, developers are offering favorable payment terms which made the situation an opportune moment for Ranz to go home shopping. 


“Developers are offering very good payment terms right now, especially with DMCI na nag-15% down payment. Dati before the pandemic, all DMCI properties lagi siyang 30%, so ngayon with the 15% down payment, that's a very good payment term.”


“It's a good opportunity for young professionals to invest in real estate and have a place of their own, especially for people like me na nag-uumpisa pa lang. It's very hard to establish financial independence, and I think with what's going on right now, parang buyers’ market talaga siya na it's good for us to get into real estate,” he explained. 


‘Everything’s done online’


Ranz said it also helped that homebuying has been made easier by developers because of the pandemic. 


DMCI Homes, for one, has made most of its sales processes online for the convenience of homebuyers


“In terms of the homebuying experience, I think naging very convenient siya ngayong pandemic na parang most people would think na ang hirap bumili ng property ngayon kasi lockdown ganyan but I think because of the lockdown na din, mas dumali ‘yong process, everything is done online na,” he related. 


“Everything is done at the convenience of your home. No need to go out pati ‘yong reservation fee online na din siya,” he enthused.

Allegra Garden Place is one of the developments of DMCI Homes, the country’s first Quadruple A real estate developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio City, Boracay, and Davao City. Each of its properties is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.’s over 60 years of expertise in the construction and development industry.


To learn more about Allegra Garden Place and other DMCI Homes’ pre-selling and ready for occupancy projects, units for lease, and special promos, call (632) 5324-8888. You can also visit to know more about opportunities in leasing and rent-to-own programs of DMCI Homes. News and other updates are also posted on the company’s official website and its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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