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Leaders in real estate and healthcare tie up for a discount program for condo communities.  DMCI Homes and The Medical City officers forge a partnership to provide in-patient services discount for residents of condo communities. Photo shows (from left to
January 16, 2019

DMCI Homes partners with The Medical City for discount program for residents of its condo communities

DMCI Homes has entered into a partnership with The Medical City to provide in-patient services discount for residents of its condominium communities.

Under the agreement, residents of DMCI Homes projects will be entitled to a 7% discount on all in-patient services availed at the main healthcare complex of The Medical City in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City by virtue of the Community Privilege Program.

The discount program, which is now in effect, covers out-of-pocket costs of residents, excluding professional fees, medicines and package procedures.

The Medical City AVP for Relationship Management and Business Development Emelie Escasinas said residents just need to present their temporary accommodation slip at the Billing Department 24 hours before discharge to avail of the discount.

“Even if you have an existing health card or are engaged with health maintenance organizations (HMOs), you will be entitled to a community discount by The Medical City for those out of pocket expenses,” she explained.



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dmci homes basketball tournament size large
June 20, 2016

2016 Basketball Tournament Community Sports | DMCI Homes

A high quality life is not just defined by a fine home. It is also about living in a healthy community where the environment is secured and nurturing values and relationships form an essential part of everyday life.

In DMCI Homes' residential developments, taking care of homeowners' quality of life is something that the developer strongly upholds. Community development is one of the ongoing priorities and this manifest in making residents feel like they belong to one big family.

As one of its community development initiatives, the developer recently held its annual DMCI Homes Communities 2016 Basketball Tournament. The month-long sports fest gathered teams composed of players from the developer's communities in different areas of Metro Manila.

It was an activity that not only connects communities together, but also helped promote health and values such as sportsmanship. The sport is particularly an avenue for junior players to develop a determination to excel, while having fun and recognizing the significance of fair play. The activity further encourages residents to be more involved in community development whether it is initiated by DMCI Homes or their Property Management group.

"We've chosen basketball as our means of bringing the community closer because of the sport's popularity," explained Enrico Wong, Vice President of the DMCI Homes Property Management Corporation (DPMC). "It's the one thing we could all agree on, whether you're in high school, college or even as a working adult."

With the current lifestyle of today's young generation, who now seldom spend time with their family at home, Wong said now is the right time to come up with an activity where the young ones could also experience what it really means to be home.    

"At DMCI Homes, our definition of a home is different. It's not just a place where you just sleep, it's a place where you can forget all your troubles, just relax and say this is my home, and it feels real good to be home," beams Wong.

The developer's residential communities are actually built according to property development ideals that encourage neighbors to get close to one another. Its projects are known for their relaxing resort-inspired theme, nature-rich environment, generous open spaces, and numerous amenities that offer the best venues for bonding, rest and recreation.

Team 1's junior and senior players are from Magnolia Place representing DMCI Homes' communities from the north. Team 2 representing condos from Manila are mostly homeowners of La Verti Residences in Pasay City and their children.

Team 3's senior players are from Cedar Crest in Acacia Estates, Taguig City while its junior basketeers are children of homeowners from other condo communities in Acacia Estates. Aside from Cedar Crest, the 150-hectare township is the site of Rosewood Pointe, Royal Palm Residences, Verawood Residences, Birchwood Residences, Ivorywood, and Maple Place.

Team 4 consists of players from the south with Ohana Place homeowners playing for the tournament's senior division and kids from Sienna Park Residences and Raya Garden playing in the junior division. Team 5, representing condo owners from Pasig City, is composed of players from Mayfield Park Residences.

Executives of DMCI Homes led the tournament's opening ceremony that introduced the teams' players, their muses, and the referees. There had been a pledge of sportsmanship by the players, followed by the Olympic-style lighting of the tournament's ceremonial flame. The awarding of the best muse came in next, before the first games officially began.

The tournament has been attracting more and more participants each year such as the likes of Frederick Ramos, playing coach of Team 2's senior players and a homeowner at La Verti Residences along Taft Avenue in Pasay. "We not only like to play with our neighbors. We also want to play with teams from other DMCI Homes communities," said Ramos. "It trains us to become better players aside from letting us meet new people," he said.

"This kind of activity is good in building friendship, cooperation and trust among homeowners," said Raul Putong, coach of Team 3's junior players and a resident of Sienna Park Residences in Bicutan, Paranaque City. "It also makes our community lively."                                                                                                  

The tournament is a joint project of DMCI Homes Property Developers, Inc. and DPMC, which also aims to encourage residents to get more engaged in community matters.  The event is one of the many initiatives that aim to give homeowners a holistic experience other than good quality homes. 



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