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This yuppie sees no pandemic downtime when it comes to property investing

November 27, 2020

Even at a young age, Jobi has already built an impressive real estate investment portfolio. (Contributed photo: Jobi in one of her travels abroad)

When it comes to investing in real estate, time is of the essence.


This is the personal belief of Jobi Cristobal who has built an impressive real estate investment portfolio over the years.


Motivated by her desire to retire early and enjoy the fruits of her labor, Jobi continued to invest in the middle of the pandemic, purchasing her second DMCI Homes property—a two-bedroom unit at pre-selling project, Satori Residences, along F. Pasco Avenue, Santolan, Pasig City.


“Time is gold”, Jobi said when asked for her advice to those planning to buy a property. “The earlier you invest in real property, the bigger the gains. An early start gives you the advantage in any form of investment, especially real estate. So, if you are young and have extra money then try investing in a real property because as time goes by, it appreciates. Its value grows as you age.”


“For those who are already old, they can still buy property for the people they love. Those who want to give their children ’pamana,’ I think (real) property is a lifetime gift,” she explained.


As for Jobi, who does consultancy work for a regional development bank, investing in real estate now will lead her to her goal of financial independence even at a young age.


“I want to retire early. I’m not getting any younger. I also want to enjoy the fruits of my labor/investments with my family while I am still young,” Jobi remarked.


Jobi says real estate is always a wise investment because of the constant demand for a place to live in. (Actual photo of Sheridan Towers’ lap pool).



With this goal in mind, she started investing in real estate in 2013 with a 1-bedroom unit at then pre-selling DMCI Homes’ Sheridan Towers project in Pasig City.


Her ties with the banking sector, she said, made her realize the importance of investing, though she is more into what she calls “low-maintenance” investment vehicles like real estate.


“I find that real property investing fits my lifestyle. As an investment, I find lesser worries as compared to other investment platforms. I am also not the type that spends her time looking at the figures like in a stock market or food business,” Jobi shared.


“I also have investments in other platforms, but I have more familiarity and experience in terms of property investment as I also have house and lot properties as rental business before I even bought a condo unit. I also tried stocks but I realized it requires a different level of technical knowledge,” she continued.


More importantly, she knows that real estate compensates over time no matter the situation. “Based on my research and observation, real property appreciates over time,” Jobi related.


Real estate likewise, she pointed out, is a timeless investment, as people will always need a place to live in.


“Everyone is looking for a place for themselves, a place for their families, or a place for their loved ones. Shelter is a basic need. Property is a timeless investment,” she noted.


Asked what convinced her to invest anew in a DMCI Homes property, Jobi answered: Resort ambiance, spacious units, and sense of community. (Artist’s illustration of Satori Residences’ lounge pool.

Growth potential


Thus, when she was financially ready anew to invest in another property, she bought a unit at Satori Residences in spite of the pandemic.


“Most of my properties are in the north so I wanted to explore other locations where there are developments happening or where I foresee potential like a new train station being built nearby,” Jobi said of her new condo investment in the thriving Santolan, Pasig district.


“Also, as the government strives to develop infrastructure in the country, I can see that there is growth in the area where Satori Residences is - it is also a location where different cities converge,” she further explained.


For her second DMCI Homes property, she bought a 2-bedroom, which she initially plans to lease out. “Perhaps, for five to 10 years it would be for rental but after sometime I want to live there with my own family.” 


For this reason, Jobi chose to invest anew in her trusted developer, which offers spacious living and amenity spaces that are conducive in raising a family.


“I like the resort feel. Since I live in the city, I want to go home where I can see kids playing around, trees everywhere and residents enjoying at the pool. I want to feel relaxed and safe after a day’s hard work,” Jobi revealed.


“Also, compared with other developers, I find more value for money when investing with DMCI because the unit is spacious. That’s based on comparing a studio unit in DMCI versus other developers,” she added.


Jobi also appreciates the sense of belongingness in a DMCI Homes community which, she said, was especially evident during the Luzon-wide lockdown. “Easy access on everything I need. The investors community (residents group) itself is helpful,” she said of her Sheridan Towers community.


Above all, she appreciates the Property Management Office’s efforts to keep the community safe during the pandemic.


“They were helpful in disseminating information and disinfecting the hallways. They did adjustments like social distancing in elevator including the sanitation of surroundings/facilities etc. It somehow gave me assurance that I am safe and that they are one with the residents in keeping the community safe,” Jobi disclosed. 


Satori Residences is one of the developments of DMCI Homes, the country’s first Quadruple A developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio, Boracay, and Davao City. Each of its properties is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.'s over 60 years of expertise in the construction and development industry. 


To learn more about Satori Residences and other DMCI Homes projects, call (632) 5324-8888.  News and other updates are also posted on the company's official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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