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DMCI Homes’ own ‘Dragon Gates’ bring a wealth of benefits to condo dwellers

January 13, 2023

Sky Patios adorn three buildings of Verdon Parc, DMCI Homes’ first condo in Davao City.

In Hong Kong, they are called “Dragon Gates.”

They are the massive rectangular holes seen in Hong Kong skyscrapers said to act as gateways for “spirit dragons” flying from the mountains to the water.

This architectural design is said to be part of feng shui. Feng shui is traditional Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance according to National Geographic.

“Feng shui means ‘the way of wind and water.’ It has roots in early Taoism but is still popular today, having spread throughout China and even to Western cultures,” National Geographic said.

Health is wealth

As dragons are believed to be bearers of good fortune in feng shui, “dragon gates” are incorporated into the design of buildings so they will not block the mythical creatures from reaching the water according to Business Insider.

“Dragons are believed to be bearers of good fortune. Blocking the dragon's path could bring misfortune,” Business Insider said in reference to feng shui.

The three-storey high openings found at the front and back of DMCI Homes high-rise condos serve as entry points for natural light and air. (Brio Tower’s Sky Patio)

Like some of the buildings in Hong Kong, most DMCI Homes high-rise condominiums have giant three-storey high rectangular holes called “Sky Patios.” But more than just bringing good luck, this architectural design provides numerous health benefits to building occupants according to DMCI Homes Corporate Communications Manager Butch Mendizabal.

“The Sky Patio is an integral part of one of DMCI Homes’ notable architectural innovations called Lumiventt® Design Technology. Lumiventt® allows fresh air and natural light to circulate freely around the entire building,” Mendizabal said.

“With this design, the build-up of moisture, odors and harmful gases are minimized, resulting in long-term health benefits for our homeowners,” he added.

DMCI Homes high-rise buildings are also easier and inexpensive to maintain as there is adequate natural light that permeates throughout the structure during the day. (Brixton Place’s landscaped atrium).

Saves money, too

Moreover, the innovative design helps DMCI Homes homeowners save on electricity and care for the environment.

“With natural light and air permeating throughout the building, our residential units are still well-lighted during the day and also breezy and cool even during the summer months,” Mendizabal explained.

“This helps our homeowners lessen their use of electric lights and cooling appliances, enabling them to save on electric bills,” he continued.

One of Sheridan Towers’ Sky Patios as seen from the lap pool.

Mendizabal said the Lumiventt® design is also incorporated into the design of upcoming DMCI Homes condos like  The Crestmont, The Erin Heights, and The Oriana in Quezon City; Allegra Garden Place and Satori Residences in Pasig; Fortis Residences in Chino Roces Avenue, Makati; Sage Residences in Mandaluyong City; and The Calinea Tower in Caloocan City.

DMCI Homes is the Philippines’ first Quadruple A real estate developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio, Boracay and Davao City. The company’s portfolio boasts of more than 60 properties since it was launched in 1999.

To learn more about DMCI Homes’ pre-selling and ready for occupancy projects, units for lease, and special promos, call (632) 5324-8888. You can also visit to know more about opportunities in leasing and rent-to-own programs of DMCI Homes. News and other updates are also posted on the company’s official website and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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