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Sustainable Living Everyday at DMCI Homes Exclusive’s Fortis Residences

January 16, 2023

Fortis Residences roof-deck (Artist’s Illustration)

Convenience, mobility, proximity, design, and efficiency are cornerstones of modern living. As the conversation on climate change continues to gain traction, sustainability and the goal of securing a green future are now also key considerations of the forward-thinking city dweller. It's an indication of a more evolved, conscious, and responsible mindset upheld by both real estate developers and the homeowners they serve. 


Within the real estate space, sustainably designed and built living spaces were identified as one of the leading trends for 2023. It is accompanied by the market’s demand for homes that support holistic health and wellbeing. Apart from the use of planet-friendly building materials and processes, green space, energy reduction, and recycling capabilities of a structure are key components to designing healthy, modern living spaces. 


DMCI Homes Exclusive shares in this long-term goal as it invests heavily on green innovation. The real estate company is also focused on elevating their design narrative by incorporating sustainable features that help with energy and waste reduction while improving the overall wellbeing of their homeowners. The team shares, “We put value in sustainability. In all our projects, we are dedicated to staying socially and environmentally-responsible. We also endeavor to contribute to nation-building.” These innovative sustainable design features can now be experienced and fully enjoyed at the Fortis Residences located along Chino Roces, Makati City. 

Fortis Residences’ pool deck (Artist’s Illustration)

Reuse and Recycling Capabilities


Just in 2022, DMCI Homes announced its investment in modern water management solutions. It was a transition that further emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. Prior to that, the Quadruple A developer was consistently utilizing rainwater and sewage treatment facilities for the upkeep of their properties’ landscapes. 


The full water recycling and treatment facility built by DMCI Homes Exclusive for projects like Fortis Residences is dedicated to the collection and treatment of wastewater. In-house experts and professional wastewater managers are at the helm of every facility to ensure that residents are provided Class A, Environmental Management Bureau certified treated water.


The water recycling and treatment facility to be installed at the Fortis Residences is expected to save up to over 182,000,000 liters per year.  


Fortis Residences’ building facade (Artist’s Illustration)

Modern Living In A New Light


DMCI Homes Exclusive also employs an exclusive design innovation that allows the natural flow of air and light throughout the building. Aptly called Lumiventt® Design Technology, this energy-saving design by DMCI Homes helps to harness natural light and air in ensuring that condominium structures are well ventilated and illuminated. The team explains, “Through Lumiventt®, we can maximize the natural light and fresh air. This is a unique feature that is rare in the typical condominium setting.” 


Landscaped Atriums and Sky Patios are unique Lumiventt® features that distinguish DMCI Homes developments in the competition. They are central to creating a free flow of natural light and air into the building, and even permeate inside units. Additionally, Lumiventt® also enhances the sense of wellbeing for dwellers as it offers pockets of green and open-air spaces. This in turn helps reduce stress, improve sleep, boost immunity, and improve heart as well as lung function. 



Smart lighting features in common areas of the development have also been integrated to help significantly reduce energy usage. Through state-of-the-art sensors, lights on hallways or driveways automatically switch on and go off to ensure that electricity is property utilized with the least amount of waste. 


Fortis Residences’ drop-off entrance (Artist’s Illustration)

With eyes fixed on future forward design, Fortis Residences will also feature EVSEs (or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). These are charging stations specifically designed to power electric cars, and other plug-in hybrids. This feature of the development is a response to the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles, which alternately helps to reduce carbon emissions. By adding EVSEs to the Fortis Residences list of world class amenities, homeowners are inspired to take their part in creating a carbon-neutral future. 


In an era where we are compelled to rethink our lifestyle choices, the face and shape of modern living continues to evolve. At the DMCI Homes Exclusive’s Fortis Residences, contemporary lifestyles are not only defined by convenience, mobility, proximity, design, and efficiency. The experience of living at the heart of the city, is further elevated by design and unique features that inspire a more conscious, responsible and mindful way of living.


Underpinned by exceptional quality that DMCI Homes has long been known for, each DMCI Homes Exclusive property is designed to possess an inherent rarity, be it in location, master plan or development features.  

To learn more about Fortis Residences, log on to or call (632) 5324-8888. News and other updates are also posted on the company’s official website and its social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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