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Feng Shui Tips For Choosing A Condominium Unit in 2023

January 16, 2023

Fortis Residences three-storey high openings called Sky Patios are regarded in Feng Shui as “dragon gates.” It is believed that when homes or buildings have these design features, you open up a portal for luck and good fortune to flow freely. (Artist’s illustration)

The start of another year ushers in the promise of countless possibilities. New opportunities. New habits. New passions. New routines. And possibly, a new home. 


In choosing a new place to live, there are several factors to consider depending on the lifestyles we lead. Proximity, design, price, size, and building features usually influence our decision-making. These may vary from one unique homeowner to another. And while the dream condominium may be characterized in countless ways, there are fundamentals that help us decipher what makes for a good real estate investment. 


Feng Shui as a guide to choosing the right condominium lends its benefits in promoting balance, prosperity, and harmony in your home. It helps to create a sense of wellbeing within your living space. By using the elements, energy, and logical design, principles of feng shui can help in choosing the right residence to suit your personality, way of life, and goals for the year ahead. 


Beyond its esoteric nature, rooted largely on ancient Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui’s role in modern lifestyles has served as a holistic, logical guide to designing a harmonious, well balanced life. Rationale and practicality are universal basis of ever Feng Shui practice. For instance, when experts advise decluttering to enhance the flow of chi or energy, the suggestion also applies itself as a practical tip for designing spaces that are conducive for living well. 


As we usher in the Year of the Rabbit in 2023, we’re sharing five practical Feng Shui tips from experts to help enhance the condo living experience:

1. Welcome the positive flow of energy or chi into your home. Living spaces with a natural flow of both light and air are ideal for harnessing the positive flow of energy. Natural light is a conduit for good Feng Shui. It provides the living space and its dwellers with an overall sense of comfort, ease, and well-being. 


At Fortis Residences, every floor is designed to ensure that natural light and air flow freely into the condominium units. Through Lumiventt® Technology, every unit is abundant in natural light and air throughout the day. Three-storey high openings in the building called Sky Patios, are also regarded in Feng Shui as “dragon gates.” It is believed that when homes or buildings have these design features, you open up a portal for luck and good fortune to flow freely. 

Fortis Residences’ main entrance drop off area, which follows the shape of a large loop. (Artist’s illustration)

2. Keep your entrance way clutter free. The entranceway or door to your home is considered as the “mount of the Chi.” By clearing the openings, life force or positive energy can freely enter your domain. Avoid layouts where the entranceway is blocked by a wall or other structures. 


Feng Shui experts add, “A curved driveway or pathway outside the main building entrance is very auspicious.” One exceptional example of this would be Fortis Residences’ main entrance drop off area, which follows the shape of a large loop. The structure surrounding its lobby is likewise surrounded by promenades and walkways surrounded by lush landscapes. 

3. Live near pockets of green. The common misconception about condo living is that it is devoid of the joy so living close to nature. DMCI Homes Exclusive, through development projects like Fortis Residences, continues to reshape the mold of modern living through resort inspired design. Pocket gardens, pool decks, open lounges, and play areas are also integrated into the overall design of the building to make nature an everyday experience for urban dwellers. 


Plants are an integral element to good Feng Shui. They help to enhance a sense of balance and groundedness. According to practitioners of the ancient Chinese tradition, greenery rings in good fortune. From a wellness standpoint, however, building homes nearby gardens or adding plants to your interiors, help to filter the air, clear toxins, and produce more oxygen. 

Fortis Residences has pocket gardens, pool decks, open lounges, and play areas to make nature an everyday experience for urban dwellers. (Artist’s illustration of the leisure pool)

4. Keep your home clutter free. A living space that is organized, tidy, and efficient will always inspire clarity of thought, relaxed productivity, and comfort. The same idea applies to Feng Shui which suggests: “Every item in your space should hold a specific purpose. Choose functionality and stylish simplicity. Unnecessary clutter blocks clear thinking and ease of movement.”   


When it comes to living in a condominium especially, be conscious of the furniture and decor you pick out. What purpose do they serve? Are they necessary in your space? It is also helpful to identify and configure your things according to the daily flow of activities that take place in your home. For instance, if you are likely to store your car keys near the door, then a bowl or dish dedicated for keys in that area would be wise. 


5. A Year for Wood and Water. Specific to the year of the Water Rabbit in 2023 is the importance of integrating wood and water elements into your home. This year brings with it a gentler, healing, and comforting, and adaptable energy. To harness it, consider using natural wood for your accents and furnishing. Forest green is a popular color that may also represent the earthy wood element. It is also a good representation of the year’s promise of growth and vitality.


For compact spaces like condominium units, adding a water element like fountains may pose a challenge. The easiest and most practical way to bring this into your cozy home is through color, use of glass and mirrors. According to experts, black is representative of water and may be used as a modern design element in contemporary space. When using mirrors and glass, be wary of what’s reflected on these surfaces. Ideally, they should be embodiments of joy, vitality, peace, and harmony. 


Underpinned by exceptional quality that DMCI Homes has long been known for, each DMCI Homes Exclusive property is designed to possess an inherent rarity, be it in location, master plan or development features.  

To learn more about Fortis Residences, log on to or call (632) 5324-8888. News and other updates are also posted on the compa

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