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A DMCI Homes Exclusive project, Oak Harbor Residences is the only waterfront community in Bay City that is located directly by the bay. With magnificent views and state-of-the-art amenities, experience on a daily basis a change of pace and lifestyle. This lavish community puts you at the front and center of the country's next major central business district and entertainment capital, as infrastructure, residential and commercial developments are already on its way to being the next big thing.


Address: Jackson Ave. Asiaworld City, Brgy. Don Galo, Parañaque City, NCR, 1700

Location Map

Master Plan

Land Area

11,871 sqm.

Development Type

Mid Rise Condominiums

Architectural Theme

Asian Contemporary

oak harbor residences site development plan



Disclaimer: True to its eagerness in improving its products, DMCI Homes reserves the right to change unit plans and specifications without prior notice and/or approval. Unit plans reflected here are regarded highly for demonstration purposes, but should not be considered final. To see final unit updates, consulting your agent is advised.

oakharborresidences 3bedroomskyloft 167sqm

3-Bedroom End Skyloft 1

Gross Floor Area
252 sqm.
Price Range
₱38,088,000.00 - ₱39,888,000.00
oak harbor residences 3br suite type2 end unit size medium

3-Bedroom End Suite 2

Gross Floor Area
127 sqm.
Price Range
₱16,088,000.00 - ₱16,688,000.00
oak harbor residences 3br suite type1 end unit size medium

3-Bedroom End Suite 1A

Gross Floor Area
152 sqm.
Price Range
₱17,288,000.00 - ₱21,288,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type4 inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 4

Gross Floor Area
80 sqm.
Price Range
₱11,088,000.00 - ₱14,188,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type5 inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 5A

Gross Floor Area
72.50 sqm.
Price Range
₱10,388,000.00 - ₱13,188,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type2e inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 2E

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱13,688,000.00 - ₱17,688,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type2c inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 2C

Gross Floor Area
85 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,688,000.00 - ₱13,088,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type2 inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 2A

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱13,688,000.00 - ₱17,688,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type1d inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 1D

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,088,000.00 - ₱15,388,000.00
oak harbor residences 2br suite type1 inner unit size medium

2-Bedroom Inner Suite 1A

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,088,000.00 - ₱15,388,000.00
ohr_premier suite_72,50

1-Bedroom Inner 2A

Gross Floor Area
72.50 sqm.
Price Range
₱10,388,000.00 - ₱13,188,000.00
oakharborresidences 3bedroomskyloft 169sqm

3-Bedroom Inner Skyloft 2

Gross Floor Area
169 sqm.
Price Range
₱27,388,000.00 - ₱29,288,000.00
oakharborresidences 3bedroomskyloft 174sqm

3-Bedroom Inner Skyloft 3

Gross Floor Area
174 sqm.
Price Range
₱28,388,000.00 - ₱30,188,000.00
oak harbor residences 3 br loft type 4 lower level

3-Bedroom Inner Skyloft 4

Gross Floor Area
149 sqm.
Price Range
₱22,888,000.00 - ₱24,588,000.00
oak harbor residences 3br lower level skyloft type5 inner unit size medium

3-Bedroom Inner Skyloft 5

Gross Floor Area
135 sqm.
Price Range
₱23,088,000.00 - ₱24,888,000.00
premier suite type 2

1-Bedroom Inner 2 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
72.50 sqm.
Price Range
₱10,788,000.00 - ₱14,188,000.00
2 bedroom suite type 1

2-Bedroom Inner 1 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,588,000.00 - ₱16,288,000.00
2 bedroom suite type 1c

2-Bedroom Inner 1C (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
85 sqm.
Price Range
₱11,588,000.00 - ₱11,988,000.00
2 bedroom suite type 2

2-Bedroom Inner 2 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
100 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,588,000.00 - ₱16,288,000.00
2 bedroom suite type 3

2-Bedroom Inner 3 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
97 sqm.
Price Range
₱12,288,000.00 - ₱15,788,000.00
2 bedroom suite type 3c

2-Bedroom Inner 3C (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
82 sqm.
Price Range
₱11,588,000.00 - ₱12,088,000.00
original 3 bedroom suite type 1

3-Bedroom End 1 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
152 sqm.
Price Range
₱19,088,000.00 - ₱24,288,000.00
original 3 bedroom suite type 2

3-Bedroom End 2 (Aston)

Gross Floor Area
127 sqm.
Price Range
₱17,988,000.00 - ₱18,688,000.00
oakharborresidences 3bedroomskyloft 135sqm

3-Bedroom Inner Loft 5

Gross Floor Area
135 sqm.
Price Range
₱23,088,000.00 - ₱24,888,000.00
oakharborresidences 3bedroomskyloft 167sqm

3-Bedroom Inner Loft 6

Gross Floor Area
167 sqm.
Price Range
₱26,888,000.00 - ₱28,788,000.00


oak harbor residences pool
Leisure Pool
oak harbor residences the collonade
The Colonnade
oak harbor residences the promenade
The Promenade
oak harbor residences atrium
Landscaped Atriums
  • 24-hour Security
  • Arrival Court
  • Children's Playground
  • Convenience Store
  • Entertainment Room
  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Hall
  • Game Area
  • Gazebo/ Cabana
  • Jogging/ Biking Path
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Lap Pool
  • Laundry Station
  • Leisure Pool
  • The Colonnade
  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Open Lawn/Picnic Grove
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Pool Deck
  • Pool Shower Area
  • Pool Water Slides
  • Provision for CCTV Cameras
  • The Promenade
  • Sky Lounge
  • Standby Electric Generator
  • View Deck
  • Water Station
  • WiFi Access
  • 100% Back Up Power
  • Car Wash Bays
  • Deck Utility/ Service Area
  • Fire Alarm & Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Fire Cabinets
  • Fire Exit
  • Garbage Rooms
  • Landscaped Atriums
  • Mailbox Area
  • Parking Space
  • Passenger Elevators
  • Provision for CCTV
  • Proximity Access
  • Reception Lobby
  • Service Elevator
  • Sky Patio (Lumiventt Technology)
  • Fiber Optic cable ready
  • Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System
  • Fully Airconditioned Units
  • Intercom System
  • Multi-point Heater System
  • Provision for Metered Utility
  • Provision for Phone Line

Site Progress

News & Media


  • oak harbor residences featured interior design size medium News

    Oak Harbor Residences: DMCI Homes' first luxury project

    Prepare to get used to a life of indulgence, relaxing bliss and luxurious privacy as DMCI Homes unveils its first top-of-the-line residential project at the resplendent Bay City, trumpeted as the next entertainment destination in Southeast Asia that would feature leisure activities akin to those in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore.   

    Oak Harbor Residences, the first and only luxury waterfront property in Bay City directly by the water, is touted as one of the biggest game changers in the industry. As the pioneer project under the DMCI Homes Exclusive line, the vertical community is set to create a truly distinctive and superlative living experience for a highly discerning clientele.

    One of the rarities that set the condominium apart is in its address where all the fun and games happen, while ingeniously carving an exclusive lair for homebuyers who only want the best. Just imagine Las Vegas meets Wall Street meets Côte d'Azur.

    Scintillating address

    Bay City is set to be the ultimate playground of the elite risk-takers, the cultured, ambitious corporate executives and leisure seekers; and Oak Harbor Residences will be a component of this cosmopolitan district. It is already dotted with world-class establishments such as City of Dreams, Resorts World and Solaire Resort and Casinos; five-star hotels like Nobu, Conrad, Hyatt and Marriot; SMX, business hubs and other shopping, dining and leisure destinations. Yet, Bay City is continuously flourishing!

    The growth of Bay City is phenomenal. It will have its own LRT station to serve the transportation needs of numerous condominium residents as well as office employees in the area; NAIA Expressway was also recently opened for easy access to and from NAIA Terminals 1 to 3. New corporate offices housing more BPO companies and auto industries will also be part of the upcoming developments. Meanwhile, more diversions are in store as Okada Manila of Tiger Resorts joins the already extensive list of gaming and retail hubs in Bay City.

    Despite the exhilarating lifestyle that Bay City can provide, Oak Harbor Residences residents are guaranteed to enjoy their much needed privacy. Tucked in a secluded portion of the Bay City right in front of the Manila Bay, this exclusive enclave is surrounded by verdant greeneries and landscaped gardens in its gated property. All the action and revelry are easily accessible, yet far enough for the residents to savor just the gentle lapping of the sea waves day and night.

    Trademark sterling product

    Stamped with DMCI Homes Exclusive's hallmark of sterling craftsmanship, Oak Harbor Residences will stir excitement and elevate the current benchmark in luxury living.

    Occupying almost 12,000 square meters of prime land, Oak Harbor Residences will be comprised of three low-density buildings. The number of units per tower is limited to less than 200 suites, translating to smaller resident population and heightened exclusivity and privacy.

    Oak Harbor Residences adopts a modern contemporary theme, a fusion of early 20th century style and the latest techniques in architectural and home designs. For instance, cutting edge materials that totally repel rust under various conditions were used to deliver a quality and innovative structure.

    Its highly sophisticated motif will be evident along the common areas as well as in the individual units. From wall sconces, accent lamps, tiles, accessories, furniture to wall and flooring finishes, the encompassing modern contemporary flavor radiates understated elegance -- nothing over the top, nothing garish.

    Lofty living

    Offering generously-sized living spaces, which are more spacious compared with other DMCI Homes developments, Oak Harbor Residences' unit sizes range from 72.5 up to 252 square meters. They come in options of 1-bedroom premier suites, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom suites and first-class 3-bedroom skyloft suites with unit prices ranging from 9.9Mn to 34Mn. Whether the buyer has a family of four, is a single yuppie, a newly-hitched couple or empty nesters, there is a size and selection that is perfect for his, her or their needs.

    Oak Harbor Residences' skyloft units, in fact, have been given luxurious custom layouts that reflect the sea and the sky. With three spacious bedrooms, en suite bathrooms and a family hall, would-be residents will surely delight in the unit's organic and natural finishes combined with open air design. The skyloft also offers chic modern layout with quality finishes embellished throughout.

    Moving in becomes easier because all deliverables come with a delightful home starter package of air conditioning units, closets, water heaters, range hood, and kitchen cabinets. Selected 3-bedroom suites have walk-in closets in the master bedroom – providing more space to cram in all those items procured from frequent shopping jaunts. All units come with balconies, allowing residents to appreciate the stunning views.

    Resort-like living

    A life of pure indulgence awaits its residents with its luxe set of amenities that were tastefully designed to echo the richness of this high-end sanctuary. Because it is positioned as a resort by the bay, living atOak Harbor Residences is taking a holiday every day of the year.

    Relaxation starts at the lobby where one can fully gaze in wonder at the vastness of the horizon or get mesmerized by the sparkling waters of the bay. Each tower has its own set of infinity pool so residents can focus more on catching the sun by the pool.

    Residents can amuse themselves over a game or two by the game room or invite friends to come over for a movie marathon in the audio-visual room. Other amenities include facilities to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness buffs will surely delight in its fully-equipped fitness center. There's also a jogging area to keep fit for those who prefer the outdoors.

    The glittering cityscape is a sight to behold especially at night atOak Harbor Residences' The Sky Lounge and roof deck garden, holds the function area is located. This is the place to party up a storm and celebrate life's different milestones while relishing the magnificent bay view and colorful lights from the leisure establishments and city skylines of Manila and Makati.

    Comfort and security

    For DMCI Homes, the comfort and peace of mind of its residents are their top priority. Residents will be issued proximity access cards, a security measure that will be complemented by CCTV system and 24/7 roving security guards. For everything else, there is always the hotel-like concierge services to address most of the dwellers' needs.

    Just like its contemporaries,Oak Harbor Residences will bear DMCI's proprietary innovation, the Lumiventt Design Technology, which allows maximum natural light and airflow within the building and to home units through single loaded hallways, three-storey high Sky Patios and breezeways located on the left and right wings of every floor.

    While most developments provide back-up power to its common areas or at the most, one electric socket per unit,Oak Harbor Residences will provide 100 percent back-up power in all units. Inclement weather or sudden power disruption? No problem! Life goes on forOak Harbor Residences.

    Completion of the first two buildings ofOak Harbor Residences is slated in the mid of 2020, and the last building is set to be completed by 2021.




  • Geotechnical:Dr. Salvador F. Reyes

  • Structural:Macro Consulting Structural Engineers Co.

  • Electrical:M.C. Peralta & Associates

  • Plumbing & Sanitary:NBF Consulting Inc.

  • Fire Protection:NBF Consulting Inc.

  • Ventilation:L.R. Punsalan and Associates


  • Electrical:Spec-Master, Inc.

  • Plumbing & Sanitary:Alpa Plumbing Works, Inc.

  • Fire Protection:Alpa Plumbing Works, Inc.

  • Mechanical (Elevator):Vertical Lift

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DMCI Homes Corporate Center 1321 Apolinario St. Bangkal, Makati City