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Yoga coupled with Las Piñas condo's relaxing vibe bring businesswoman peace of mind amid pandemic

Ohana Place | March 21, 2021

yoga-coupled-with-las-pinas-condos-relaxing-vibe-bring-businesswoman-peace-of-mind-amid-pandemic-1616325729851 Rhose has been living at Ohana Place with her husband, Rick Bermudez, and their two children, since 2011.

Faced with isolation, limited mobility, and lack of physical interaction with friends and relatives, keeping calm and composed is not an easy thing to do amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Everyone has to find ways to develop a healthy coping mechanism to manage stress and anxiety, which are just some of the ill effects of prolonged isolation. 

For businesswoman Rhose Bermudez, it helps that she lives in a safe and relaxing condominium community like DMCI Homes' Ohana Place.

This condo for rent in Las Piñas offers a resort-like atmosphere and peaceful surroundings that make being stuck at home a lot better, coupled of course with Netflix binge watching and online shopping.

“The view helps me relax,” Rhose shared. “And it gives me peace of mind.” 

The 51-year-old businesswoman has been living at Ohana Place with her husband, Rick Bermudez, and their two children, since 2011. They first bought a two-bedroom unit, but decided to move into a three-bedroom unit in 2015.  

According to Rhose, they chose Ohana Place because of its convenience: it was near a mall and several hospitals. It was also easy to travel to Manila or even Cavite from this DMCI Homes property. But most of all, they liked the community.  

“We really thought that buying a unit here would be a good place to live, as well as a good investment,” she revealed. “They have good developments where you feel as if you’re living in a resort. I think this sets apart DMCI Homes from other developers.” 

Before the pandemic, she would often invite to her home her friends and family. “It makes me proud to show off where I live,” she beamed.

“I also love how it’s a guarded community, which allows me to feel safe. During this day and age, it is very important to be living in a place where you feel safe, and living in a condominium provides that," she continued. 


yoga-coupled-with-las-pinas-condos-relaxing-vibe-bring-businesswoman-peace-of-mind-amid-pandemic-1616325780795 Rhose (front) during one of their Yoga sessions at the Ohana Place Clubhouse. (Photo courtesy of Facebook Page)

Safe place

Before the pandemic hit, Rhose was an avid Ashtanga yoga practioner. She would attend yoga sessions that were organized by the community at Ohana Place. When the quarantine was put in place, the yogis and yoginis were forced to stop practicing.  

Fortunately, after months of careful planning, the community had recently continued to hold yoga sessions, but with limited number of participants. The safety protocols, like wearing a mask and social distancing, are also strictly implemented.   

“I think the safety measures put in place by the PMO were very helpful to the community,” Rhose pointed out. “I especially appreciated when they distributed the quarantine passes door to door, which allowed us to just stay at home and not worry about going to the barangay to get them. Another was when Ohana Place had a mobile market because it helped us get necessary supplies instead of going to the supermarket or wet markets, which have high infection rates.”  

Rhose and her family also use the DMCI Communities app, where they can process different transactions, such as getting work permits or quarantine passes. “I use the app, and I find it very helpful because I no longer need to go to the Property Management Office,” she enthused.  

Apart from the dedication the community has given to take care of the unit owners and tenants, Rhose said that the environment of the place itself gives her a sense of assurance that everything will get better in time.

While she misses traveling with her family and going to the beach, she is just happy for now that they can spend more time together.  

“I think the pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and made it hard for us to do simple tasks like going to the grocery store, getting a haircut, etc.,” she admitted. “But it has also opened an opportunity for families like mine to have more time to bond together.”

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