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This dentist is grateful to have his fur baby by his side during quarantine

April 26, 2020

Dave and his fur baby, Max.

Several research studies have shown numerous health and wellness benefits of having pet dogs or cats at home.


Not only are they a constant source of amusement by just being their cuddly and adorable selves, they are also said to help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression as they are in a way addresses our need for companionship.


Dr. Dave Encina, a resident of DMCI Homes' Tivoli Garden Residences community in Mandaluyong City, could not agree more with all the joy he is getting from his pet dog, Max.


Max, a mixed American bulldog-terrier, has been his loyal companion even before the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), and more especially now that their movements are limited inside their unit. 

Max's safety and health is one of Dave's main concerns during the quarantine period.

"During this period, I profoundly learned that indeed a dog is man's best friend. Max stayed with me patiently as I developed several skills and realizations during this period," shared Dave who is a dentist by profession.


"I gave myself a degree on refrigerator management, a diploma on housekeeping, bachelor's degree in bathroom sanitation and a kitchen economics degree on cooking-with-what's-on-hand-ingredients with Max as my enthusiastic recipient for some dog-friendly cooking," he said, chuckling.


Dave is thankful that Tivoli Garden Residences has a pet owners' group where they share ideas on pet care and pet food sourcing through social media.

Pet-friendly condo


On a serious note, Dave said he is blessed to live in a condominium that embraces fur babies as members of the community.


"I am blessed to be living in a pet-friendly community and grateful that DMCI Homes' Tivoli Garden Residences acknowledges that people do indeed treat pets as a member of the family," Dave enthused. 


Just like in every DMCI Homes condominium community, Tivoli Garden Residences allows each condo unit to have a total of two pet dogs or cats that weigh less than 25 pounds and standing 15 inches in height when full-grown. 


“I'm thankful that we are allowed co-habitation with these loving faithful companions who love their masters more than they love themselves," Dave said. 

Dave and Max participate in the 6 o'clock habit of clapping for their community frontliners.

Caring for Max


To care for his pet dog during the ECQ, Dave ensures that Max still gets some alternate exercise to replace their pre-ECQ afternoon walks around the 2.7-hectare resort-inspired condominium community. 


“Max and I do some ‘fetch' activities within the confines of my unit. I also make sure that adequate food and fresh water is frequently given alongside nutritional supplements to my fur baby,” Dave revealed. 


“It’s a good thing that we have a pet owners’ group which encourages one another on how to look after our beloved pets during this extraordinary times and in accordance to the set community guidelines. Within the group, we also share ideas on pet care and pet food sourcing through the social media platform,” he explained. 


Nonetheless, Dave is looking forward to the day he and Max can walk outdoors again and see the warm smiles of his neighbors. 


Tivoli Garden Residences is active and vibrant and perhaps the condominium community with one of the warmest people in the planet. On a daily basis pre-COVID-19, me and my Max are usually greeted by the warmest smiles and cordial hellos from our community,” Dave related. 


“I surely miss my walks with Max. The way he gets excited for car rides, as we go to nearby pet-friendly malls. The handshakes, and the smiles that I don’t see anymore because of mask-covered faces. I realized that these are things I took for granted before which I now find as a blessing,” he pointed out. 


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