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Siena Park Residences gives homeowners a community to thrive in

Siena Park Residences | May 2, 2017

"Our set up [in Singapore] is very much like what we have in Siena. The difference is, when you go out you can talk to a lot of people," Patricia shared.

A beautiful, well-constructed space is invaluable to any family but a welcoming and supportive community is even more so.  For most people, having both of these things is a dream, but for the residents of DMCI Homes' development in Bicutan, Siena Park Residences, it's the reality they experience and enjoy every day.


With 11 mid-rise buildings set against a beautifully landscaped property off the West Service Road in Paranaque, Siena Park Residences is a quiet haven for urban-dwellers. The palm-tree shaded leisure pool, breezy lounge area, and lush greenery create an unshakeable feeling of relaxation and escape.


As if coming home to a vacation every day isn't enough, the residents also get the benefit of being part of a thriving homeowners' community. With the support of the development's dedicated Property Management Office (PMO), Siena Park Residences families enjoy an active social calendar, participating in various events such as Sunday mass, educational seminars, and even traditional Filipino events such as Flores de Mayo which are rarely celebrated within the city, let alone condominium units.


Most recently, the PMO organized an out of town trip for the Siena Park Residences community, taking them to Gourmet Farms in Silang, Cavite one Saturday morning.


Among the families who joined the trip were business owner Patricia Jane Sia-Isla and her 8-year old daughter Janel.


Patricia, who owns the Shane & Jai Chocolate Store in Quezon City, moved from Singapore to Siena Park Residences almost four years ago. Since moving in, she has been an active member of the Siena Park community.


"Our set up [in Singapore] is very much like what we have in Siena. The difference is, when you go out you can talk to a lot of people," Patricia shared. "I always meet with my friends. When I bring my daughter to school, on my way back I end up talking to a lot of people."


She added that her daughter also benefits from the friendly environment at Siena Park Residences.


"With my daughter, she didn't have any activities before. We came from Singapore, and she didn't have any activities there. When we came here, she started swimming at the pool. And she has become active, more friendly. She isn't shy anymore. Her confidence was built, and she made new friends."


According to Patricia, the community is able to flourish because of the regular events that are backed by the PMO. She shared that it isn't difficult to contact them or ask them for help whenever the homeowners have ideas for new projects or activities.


"We always get support from the PMO. They help us organize. They give us an allowance. They initiate the memo. They help us inform everyone," she said. "With all the projects we've been doing, we haven't been turned down. They really coordinate with the residents."


The Gourmet Farms trip is just one example of the activities enjoyed by the residents of Siena Park Residences. Known for its organic farming practices and coffee production facilities, Gourmet Farms allowed both parents and children to learn more about how herbs are grown, how vegetables are harvested, and how coffee is produced in a sustainable and environment-friendly way.


"We signed up because we thought the kids would enjoy," Patricia shared. "My daughter grew up abroad so she hasn't really seen farms. At least now, she can see how vegetables like lettuce are planted."


Patricia shared the homeowners' plans of having another out-of-town excursion soon a plan that will surely be set into motion, thanks to PMO which is very supportive of activities promoting enthusiasm and strong bond among residents of the Siena Park community.


Siena Park Residences is a development of DMCI Homes, the country's first Quadruple A real estate developer that provides quality homes at best value delivered on or ahead of time. For more updates and information on DMCI Homes, call (632) 324-8888 or visit the official website or check out the official social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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