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'Reminds me of a good vacation:' Businesswoman delights at Mulberry Place's relaxing vibe

Mulberry Place | August 20, 2020

Mylene and her son Charllie pose for a souvenir photo during the turnover of their unit recently.

Whether it is a weekend at the beach or a trip to a dream destination, nothing beats the feeling of a good vacation. It is a surefire way of evoking happy thoughts and creating unforgettable memories.

Businesswoman Mylene Ito felt the same excitement the first time she saw their new home at DMCI Homes’ Mulberry Place in Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

“It reminds me of a good vacation. It must be because of the fresh air and the surrounding greenery,” she answered when asked how she felt when she first entered the property.

Mylene said she is also impressed how DMCI Homes accurately integrated the Vietnamese-inspired architectural theme into the resort-inspired mid-rise development.

“When we bought our unit, we were told that the Asian style of design was going to be adapted into it. We would pass by during construction and we always admired how accurate it was interpreted into the architecture of the property,” she said.

“I was really impressed by how vast the property feels. I feel like I have a lot of space to move freely in. I also really love the design of the clubhouse, especially the tiles, chairs, and the ceiling decorations. I love it very much. I feel happy when I am looking at it,” she exclaimed.


“It’s exactly just like we expected,” Mylene says of Mulberry Place’s architectural design. (Actual photo of Bengalene building)

Perks of vertical living

Mylene and her family were among the first batch of residents to accept their units when the first building, Bengaline, was turned over to unit owners starting August 2020.

Having lived in a house and lot for many years, she and her husband, Ricky, have long wanted to try out the conveniences of vertical living.

“I have always been interested in buying properties as investment and real estate. My family and I decided to transfer to a condominium to fulfill our desire to do so and also for our comfort and convenience. We also thought it fits our lifestyle better,” shared the mother of one.

Mylene and her husband’s yearning to shift to vertical living grew further when they got to visit existing DMCI Homes projects. “We wanted a low-rise building that had fresh air, well-lighted, well-ventilated, surrounded by nature, spacious, zen, safe and is family-friendly, which is exactly what Mulberry and other DMCI condominiums have,” she said.

Likewise, DMCI Homes’ convenient and customer-friendly homebuying process all the more convinced the couple to invest in Mulberry Place. “I have experienced seven different kinds of condominium managements, and so far, DMCI has been the best in payment schemes, customer service, and everything else,” revealed Mylene who also had good words to say about the Post-Construction Group and the Property Management Office.


Mylene says DMCI Homes condominium buildings are well-lighted, and well-ventilated unlike other condominium developments. (Actual photo of Mulberry Place’s landscaped atrium)

Fresh start

Having received the keys to their 2-bedroom tandem unit, Mylene cannot wait to have a fresh start in their new home.

“We cannot wait until everything is in order so that we can finally move in. It feels like a brand new start. We cannot wait to do our everyday routines like swimming, jogging, going to the gym, etc. in a brand new space,” she enthused.

“My son and I cannot wait to go furniture shopping but decided to only do minimal changes because the unit is already beautiful in itself. We expect to make good memories and to transform our unit into a space where we can truly be comfortable,” she continued.

She is also particularly excited at the convenient location of their new home which is minutes away from McKinley Hill, BGC, Makati, and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

“It is very convenient because it is near many places of our interest and the city—supermarket, malls, cafes, etc. It is very easy to go to many of our destinations because it leads to many roads. The area also is very safe so that allows us to move freely without worry,” Mylene said of DMCI Homes' 150-hectare residential township Acacia Estates.


‘A home that feels very comforting’

Above all, Mylene is just happy to have found a comforting home for her family especially at a time of uncertainty.

“DMCI Homes is family-friendly developer like no other. As a mother, all I want is the best for my family. DMCI helps me bring that to them. The atriums and refreshing view of the garden give you a sense of the outdoors while still being at home,” Mylene explained.

“The air goes into the building easily which makes the ambience of the building so fresh. We feel like we are always on vacation and that is what my family and I admire the most. It feels very comforting which is what we need the most during these times,” she beamed.


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