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For me it was love at first sight.

Bristle Ridge | June 22, 2012

It takes the right place, time, mood and concentration to achieve a state of zen or a feeling of focus, peace of mind, openness, lightness of spirit and freedom. For 37-year-old TV advertising creative director Howie Palomares, stepping into his two-bedroom flat at Rosewood Pointe automatically transports him to such dimension. His signature modern-outdoor interior design for the unit brings out the core Asian values of gentleness and calmness that inspired the neo-Asian family condominium development of DMCI Homes in Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

A combination of modernist furniture and organic accents with post-autumn and outdoor reminders make the home evoke a feeling of nostalgia and peace, something that rests Howie after tiring brainstorming, shooting and editing sessions at the workplace. Even the like of modern interior designer and furniture maker Wilmer Lopez is impressed with the unique arrangement that incorporates his own creations.

"It's very relaxing in this unit and generally all around Rosewood Pointe. I always feel I'm recharged every day, and that's important especially in my line of work," says Howie.

Howie's concept was inspired by Mid-Century Modern design style, Lopez's craftsmanship, and his love for the outdoors.

"I went for modern with a nice touch of the outdoors," says Howie.

The room does not have the luxury of windows, so he had to somehow bring the outdoor in. He placed a water hyacinth area rug and dried twigs in the living room. The dried twigs, which also decorate a candy bowl on the dining table, produce the post-autumn-going-to-winter effect, which he loves.

His wall clock of metal latticework reminds of the trellis. Giraffe figures from South Africa and books are side by side on a shelf. The dining table is a customized bamboo laminate-finish, mixed and matched with Eames replica chairs. A giant mirror facing the dining table creates an illusion of window and space.

The Florence-inspired sofa, designed by Howie himself and executed by Mandaue Foam, perfectly fits the living room space. Blending with the couch are modern accent chairs, a coffee table, and a vintage-inspired TV table, all designed and made by Lopez. Framed photos, shot by Howie himself, decorate the walls.

The 9th floor unit of Howie in Ivory Tower, one of the two residential high-rises in Rosewood Pointe, is like his time machine.

"Whenever I'm home, I am entranced. I am taken to a different environment," he says. "That's the thing I need, I want to disengage and get myself off the grid every time I'm around here."

Friends invited for scheduled dinners are very complimentary of how Howie arranged his place. Lopez, who has yet to visit the place but saw photos of the unit on Howie's Facebook page, was intrigued by the new modernist-organic design and invited magazines to take a look for a review. 

It was summer of 2010 when Howie was lured to Rosewood Pointe. He was looking for a two-bedroom property that is a bit removed from the busy city but at the same time not that far. Three other condo living options did not meet his criteria. When he saw Rosewood Pointe online, he was attracted to the address and idea of resort living offered by DMCI Homes. He visited the site and the minute he entered the gates of Rosewood Pointe, he knew and felt that the place was for him.

"Three things attracted me to Rosewood. One, the zen architecture; Two, the physical layout; it's an enclave, a community of your own. And three, the very laid-back atmosphere," Howie recalls. "For me it was love at first sight."

Only a year after acquiring the unit on pre-sell, the property was turned over to him and he started enjoying the amenities.

"Rosewood is generally peaceful. I like the fact that I can take a nice walk in the morning without fear of getting run down. I like that the wind goes my way in the afternoon, the best time to read a book and lounge at my balcony or the clubhouse. Here, one can actually read on the grass or under a tree. In the evening, it gets cold even on a summer, so it's nice to take a run," he says.

"The pool is my therapy every weekend or even after a hard day's work.  I swim. It's really relaxing," he says, adding that the pool side is a view on its own, something that DMCI Homes created in the absence of a vista of the city skyline.

The gym offers good equipment at a lifetime membership fee. A restaurant in the penthouse serves or delivers dinner whenever he is tired to prepare one. The security guards are friendly and helpful, even calling for car wash boys to clean his car. Garbage is being collected by PMO regularly and the PMO addresses homeowners' concerns promptly.

"I may be missing the easy access to malls, restaurants and groceries, which I used to get a lot of in my old place in Ortigas. But then again, I wouldn't trade the lush greens, the pool, the peace at Rosewood for anything else," Howie says. "I've been a Rosewood homeowner for two years now, but it still feels like I've just moved in. I love it here."

DMCI Homes is the country's premier triple A builder-developer that brings serviced, themed communities within reach of young urban families who once had limited residential options, but still aspire to achieve a comfortable, enriching quality of life proximate to their place of interest. 

For inquiries on DMCI Homes projects, please call (02) 324-8888 or visit the website:, or 

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