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DMCI Homes condo resort vibe and proactive measures help educator cope well with quarantine

Maple Place | June 16, 2020

dmci-homes-condo-resort-vibe-and-proactive-measures-help-educator-cope-well-with-quarantine-1592300999503 Karen seldom went out during the lockdown and spent most of her time working from home and fixing her new condominium unit.

Being confined at home for weeks due to the mandatory quarantine can be physically and emotionally-draining.

Experts attribute this to “quarantine fatigue” after almost two months of being asked to stay-at-home to prevent the spread of  coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 

In the case of Karen Guillermo, an administrator from a prestigious academic institution, she managed to cope well by getting busy with work and imbibing positivity at her brand new home at DMCI Homes’ Maple Place community in Acacia Estates, Taguig City.

“I just moved in late last year so I continued fixing the place and doing my work from home duties,” Karen said.

Lola’s advice

Being very close to her lola, Karen said she was trained to prepare for any eventuality by always making sure that her stocks at home are sufficient in the event there is a need to remain home for a long period. 

“I grew up with my Lola and since she experienced the difficulty of war, she taught me to stock up and always be ready. It paid off,” Karen related. 

“It prevented me from panic buying. I seldom went out although I’m glad that Savemore and All Home were open,” she said, referring to the retail establishments located near and within DMCI Homes’ township development, Acacia Estates.


dmci-homes-condo-resort-vibe-and-proactive-measures-help-educator-cope-well-with-quarantine-1592301165843 Karen's makeshift work-from-home space in her unit.

Proactive Property Management Office

Karen is likewise thankful for the proactive measures put in place by Maple Place’s Property Management Office (PMO) to keep residents safe. 

“I’m very pleased with the dissemination of information—all those reminders and signs—and also the availability of personnel. Seeing them roaming around made me feel more safe. Plus, they do respond to text messages immediately. Kudos to the maintenance and guards!” Karen beamed. 

“I actually have taken pictures and shared the emails of what our PMO has been doing to my friends who live in other condos and was actually surprised to get comments like ‘buti pa kayo.’ I guess our PMO is doing a good job,” she enthused. 

Karen said the PMO’s efficient service plus Maple Place’s big open spaces made the Luzon-wide lockdown for her felt more like taking a vacation than quarantine. 

It's the resort type setup why we chose Maple. You don’t feel ‘kulob.’ I felt like taking a vacation, actually, if not for the meetings,” she said in jest. 

“Even if we don’t use the facilities, the open spaces made me feel like it’s safe and healthy to live here. Malinis at mahangin,” she enthused. 

Karen also pointed out that "the open air set-up of DMCI condo living actually protects the residents  from the Covid 19 virus because airflow is very important in controlling the spread of the virus." 


DMCI_Homes_Maple_Place_kiddie_pool Maple Place's resort-vibe and big open spaces made the lockdown more like taking a vacation than quarantine, Karen says.

Focus on the essentials

Like everyone else, Karen hopes the pandemic will be over soon but at the same time acknowledges that it has also helped her make important realizations.

“It taught me to focus on the essentials. I also reflected a lot on how to live better—enjoy life more, love more, forgive more, sleep more,” she said.

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