Towards a Reading Adventure in Bata, TARA Na!

bata tara na reading adventure

Children of Pamasawata Learning Center listen attentively as storyteller Charissa Cortuna, a DMCI Homes employee volunteer tells a story.

Aiming to nurture the minds of the youth and promote the value of reading books a new storytelling and book-giving campaign for less privileged kids has been launched under the project, "Bata, TARA Na! (Towards A Reading Adventure)."

Spearheaded by advocacy group Books For A Cause, founded by Ramil Sumangil, and supported by non-government organization Philippine Book Library and DMCI Homes the "Bata, TARA Na!" campaign kicked off with more than 50 less fortunate children living in Pamasawata in Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan City.

"We've always been very supportive of the advocacies of our homeowners like Mr. Sumangil. Bata, TARA Na! aims to bring books and the importance of reading closer to the hearts of less privileged children," said the real estate company corporate communications manager Josephine Cruz in an interview.

"We want these kids, especially the out-of-school youth, to discover a different kind of adventure through reading. We want them to gain knowledge, boost their imagination, creativity and most of all, learn good values by reading books," Cruz added.

With employee volunteers, the children enjoyed the special program prepared for them including games, gift-giving and storytelling, which was the highlight of the event.

"Reading a fable to children of Pamasawata was a very uplifting experience. Seeing the glow in their eyes and their enthusiasm on how will the story ends was truly priceless," shared senior marketing research analyst Charissa Cortuna.

Besides storytelling, the organizers also donated new and pre-loved children's books to the community's little library maintained by French couple, Katia and Henri Ollivier, volunteers of international non-government group Phil Rouge, which supports the Philippine Book Library.

"We are grateful for all the books given to us, and for making this day very special for the children," Ollivier said. She added the library, which can house 20 kids, is open at least two hours from Wednesday to Saturday. On the remaining days of the week, the group holds street readings with volunteer catechist Percy Tan who acts as storyteller.

The donated books were mostly children's books collected from Give the Gift of Reading, a book drive project of DMCI Homes and its communities all over the metro in 2015. Other books from the said book drive were donated to Books for a Cause, which is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary.



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