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The Financial and Wellness Perks of Transit-Oriented Communities

The Oriana | June 10, 2021

The Oriana building façade (artist’s illustration)

Published by Lamudi Philippines

At the backdrop of worsening traffic congestion and the fast-paced culture in the metro, the concept of transit-oriented communities became increasingly popular in the last years, especially among on-the-go professionals. But in many ways, these neighborhoods offered far more benefits than the promised hassle-free travels. 

In a nutshell, they contributed to economic stability and better health. No wonder they’ve become a top neighborhood choice for property seekers who are planning to start their own families. These are the financial and wellness benefits you get from living in transit-oriented communities:

Financial Perks

The Oriana is served well by public transport that includes train terminals like the Anonas and Katipunan stations of the Recto Avenue-Masinag, Antipolo LRT Line and the proposed Anonas station of the highly anticipated Metro Manila Subway system (artist’s illustration).

Put simply, you save money when you live in a neighborhood that’s highly accessible to mass transportation. The cash you keep, which is a lot if you consider the daily savings, can go to more important matters, such as high-yield investments, new hobbies, other basic necessities or meaningful experiences with loved ones. For newlyweds, this forms part of a good financial foundation. 

Here are the specific ways you’re able to save money:

  • You use your car less. This means fewer expenses on fuel. Currently, fuel prices are at P45 per liter. Say you’re consuming 100 liters to get to your office every month, you’re paying P4,500 monthly on gas alone. If you factor in trips to the supermarket or bank on weekends, the cost goes higher. Living in transit-oriented communities, you’re able to save a ton on these expenses given the option to use mass transportation.

  • You spend less on car repairs. By choosing mass transportation over cars, you spend less time on the road and therefore reduce your chances of getting into an accident. The likelihood of accidents happening is much higher in Metro Manila roads given the high-traffic density. Even minor mishaps involving a busted bumper can cost you thousands. Major blows, on the other hand, can jack up expenses, especially considering the necessary healthcare. When you’re living in a transit-oriented community, you get to spend less time on the road and have fewer financial worries on accidents happening.

  • You pay less with mass transportation. Finally, there are far fewer expenses when you take a train. Ticket prices on public transportation range from P13 to P30. Imagine paying for that amount alone and you can go from the northern end of the metro to its southernmost part. Plus, you wouldn’t have to think about maintenance or repairs.

These financial perks are among the lifestyle benefits you’ll get when you live in a transit-oriented development, such as DMCI Homes’ The Oriana. Located along Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, it offers easy access to the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2) and the upcoming Metro Manila Subway System, which runs from Valenzuela to Parañaque City.

Living in this community, you can walk to the Anonas and Katipunan stations of LRT-2 and the proposed Anonas station of the Metro Subway, get to your destination, and reap financial benefits in the process. Here are other financial perks you can enjoy with this transit-oriented development:

  • Attractive price. The spacious two-bedroom units in the development start at P6.7 million and makes for a worthwhile investment for starting families. It’s real value for money given that its price is typically for much smaller studio or one-bedroom units in Metro Manila from other developers.

  • Profitable rental property. The financial perks don’t stop at condo ownership. Should you decide to make your unit an income property, there’s great potential for high-yield returns in The Oriana since it’s in a strategic location. You have a huge pool of tenants, the spacious units attracting different kinds of renters, from single, young professionals who work from home to growing families that need more space for homeschooling needs. The excellent property maintenance of the developer, as well as the full service of DMCI Homes Leasing Services, will make your property more attractive to renters.


Wellness Perks

Other than financial benefits, living in transit-oriented communities promotes better health, which is very important when you’re preparing to raise a family. These are the specific wellness perks you can expect to experience:

  • You’re less vulnerable to mental health problems. Did you know that being exposed to traffic congestion daily may trigger mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression? We feel helpless when we are stuck in traffic. We’re stressed out over the uncertainty of whether we’ll beat the morning time-in or not.

On the flip side, if you are living in a transit-oriented community, such as The Oriana, you can take the train and get to your destination in a jiff. You come to work without agitation or strain. Even if you’re working in Parañaque and living in Quezon City, there’s no worry over travel times.

  • You can turn commute time to leisure time. More than the absence of anxiety, you can actually enjoy your commute when you take the train or subway in your transit-oriented neighborhood. Since you’re not behind the wheels, you get to read a book, catch up on television shows on your phone, meditate, do sightseeing or listen to your favorite artists while on the train. 

  • You can squeeze in some exercises in your busy sched. When you’re always on the go, keeping up with demanding work requirements, fitness routines sometimes take a backseat. But living in a transit-oriented development, you’ll be able to engage in exercises, quite naturally. For instance, in DMCI Homes’ The Oriana, you can walk from your unit to the train station. Since it houses fitness amenities, such as a basketball court and a lap pool, it’s easy to adopt an active lifestyle in this community.

Artist’s illustration of The Oriana’s amenity core.

These wellness perks make living in The Oriana worth it, especially in a time of health crisis. In a pandemic, you definitely want a neighborhood that encourages you to achieve better physical and emotional well-being. For sure, you would want your future kids to grow up in such an environment as well.

Note: This article was originally published on on May 5, 2021.

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