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Studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom? DMCI Homes’ top architects tell why a 2-bedroom unit is the best choice

The Oriana | August 9, 2021

Artist’s illustration of a two-bedroom model unit’s living room with daybed in The Oriana, DMCI Homes’ latest development along Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City. (The actual unit may differ from what is presented)

Other than getting an extra room, not many people know that there are a lot more design features and benefits that you can get from a 2-bedroom condominium unit compared to a studio or 1-bedroom configuration. 


For one, you get a bigger kitchen, living, dining, and bath area since a 2-bedroom unit is almost double the size of an average 1-bedroom unit according to DMCI Homes Senior Architect Fe Moselina. 


“It’s not merely adding a room to a 1-bedroom layout. The floor areas for the living, dining, kitchen and bath are also increased accordingly to cater to the probable added occupants,” she explained. 


Associate Architect Noel Salvanera said DMCI Homes’ 1-bedroom units usually have an average size of 28 square meters (sqm) while 2-bedroom units have an average size of 50 sqm. 


“Given that, our 2-bedroom unit is normally bigger by 22 sqm, or 85 percent bigger than our 1-bedroom unit,” he pointed out. 


Salvanera also noted that DMCI Homes’s 2-bedroom units have relatively larger floor area compared to similar offerings of other developers which makes it even more a wise investment for homebuyers. 

Artist’s illustration of a 2-bedroom model unit’s master bedroom with balcony in The Oriana. (The actual unit may differ from what is presented)



Another benefit of buying a 2-bedroom unit is its flexibility of use according to Francis Villagonzalo, a senior architect of DMCI Homes.


While a 2-bedroom unit might seem big especially if you will be living on your own, the extra space nonetheless brings flexibility in attaining comfort and wellness in your new home according to Villagonzalo. 


“The additional space adds a perception of comfort. With comfort you are able to relax physically and mentally which contributes to our overall health,” he said. 


Moreover, an extra bedroom can easily be transformed into a home office or a second bedroom for those who plan to start a family in the future. 


“The additional space results in added flexibility especially for starting couples who plan to start a family. If not for a starting family, the other room can be converted into a home office,” Villagonzalo said. 


“The use of space is more defined in a 2-bedroom unit compared to a 1-bedroom unit. There is a formal living dining kitchen area. Visually, a 2-bedroom unit is a lot spacious when entering the main door because it opens up to the formal living area,” he explained.



Artist’s illustration of The Oriana's daybed. (The actual unit may differ from what is presented)

Health Benefits 


Comfort not only comes from having a bigger space but also from better air circulation according to Moselina. 


“The way the windows are situated in our 2-bedroom units, coupled with our hallway design incorporating breezeways and sky patio openings, do allow for a very good cross ventilation inside the unit,” Moselina shared. 


“This makes air movement and air changes in the unit possible, which increases the comfort level of the occupants. Higher comfort level contributes to people feeling better,” she continued. 


Salvanera likewise pointed out that having more windows permit better air circulation inside the units, which also translates to better indoor air quality for the occupants. 


“Having good indoor air quality prevents the development of molds and other unnecessary bacteria in the units,” he pointed out. 


Salvanera said DMCI Homes also deliberately places bedrooms and the living room near the balcony to further enhance cross ventilation. 


“Bedrooms and other habitable areas like living room are located along the perimeter of the unit, nearer the balcony and/or windows to maximize views, natural light and ventilation,” he said. 


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