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Future-Ready DMCI Homes to be powered by PLDT Fiber Optics

March 13, 2013

The high-speed technology used by top telecoms firms abroad for multimedia broadband applications will now be made available to the Filipino household and will pilot in selected subdivisions, including in DMCI Homes’ resort-inspired developments.

A contract-signing session was held to mark the strategic partnership between DMCI Homes and PLDT Home that will provide unit owners with fiber optic solutions through networked voice calls, broadband, and digital television services. The project will be rolled out in Rhapsody Residences in Muntinlupa City to be serviced exclusively by PLDT Home jointly with Smart, Sun Cellular, and CIGNAL.

“What we’re doing is getting DMCI Homes units future-ready,” according to Raul Alvarez, AVP and Head for Home Marketing of the PLDT Group. Fiber optics delivers the fastest and most stable internet connection to households, and at present, PLDT Home is the only company in the Philippines that facilitates fiber optic connectivity.

He said that PLDT Home will offer bundles of products and ranges, and within each package, unit owners can choose just the voice calls option or pair it with broadband, Wi-Fi or telpad. “The Filipino family and DMCI Homes unit owners can expect to get the best service and most affordable packages.”

There are cases nowadays where technology tends to keep family members apart as a result of limited face-to-face interactions. But this is what the shared products and services of PLDT Home can make possible: a husband watching a sports program through his tablet PC and a wife viewing her favorite show from her laptop will now be able to stream the data simultaneously, share it in their big-screen TV, and then watch it together. Beyond being just a business entity that sells products and services, Alvarez emphasized that PLDT Home is “helping promote close relationships, closer bonding within families.”

With the fiber optic network, parents, children, and siblings can now browse and download high-definition data at high-speeds at the same time without lags. Ana Maria Ferrer, DMCI Homes VP for property management said that this can help encourage family cohesiveness because instead of the child going to other places to access fast internet, he/she can speedily download information and entertainment alongside family members from within the condominium unit, which helps puts parents at ease.

The two top companies are also in talks to bring the country’s most advanced fiber optic services to DMCI Homes’ existing developments after installing in Rhapsody Residences. Ferrer stated that as a developer, “it’s not enough that we build a quality development. This is an add-on that we can offer the unit owner as an after-sales service.”

It makes sense to have a one-stop-shop for home telecoms considering that the services are interconnected. Ferrer is optimistic about the project, mentioning that in the past, residents usually subscribe to providers on their own and handle system downtimes one provider at a time. With the planned partnership, transactions and services are expected to be better, faster, and “more or less seamless” brought about by the synergy of telephone, Wi-Fi, and digital TV utilities.

Alvarez pointed out that PLDT Home makes possible the strongest connections at home, which puts it in sync with DMCI Homes’ tagline, ‘It feels real good to be home.’ The high-tech project between the companies will offer something better to unit owners and gear them up for the exciting future in ways that is aligned with the developer’s core values, Ferrer said: “DMCI Homes caters to young families primarily because we would really like to build a community. Our mandate is really more of community development, with the view that this begins at home. We create a sense of belongingness within the units and in our communities.” ###

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