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DMCI Homes advocates responsible condo ownership as it welcomes new unit owners

Sheridan Towers | December 7, 2017

Unit owners share a toast with their fellow members of Sheridan Towers community.

In its belief that efficient property management is about developing a sense of community in its projects, DMCI Homes recently hosted a gathering of unit owners in its Sheridan Towers development in Pasig City to promote responsible condominium ownership amid the increasing popularity of vertical-living.

Enrico C. Wong, senior vice president of DMCI Homes Property Management Corporation (DPMC) personally welcomed over 100 unit owners to Sheridan Towers even as he urged them to be responsible members of the community.

“One of our objectives for this gathering more than having a get together, is to create a culture of community spirit. Don’t just be an owner of your unit. Please own the community,” Wong said in his welcome remarks.

Properties, he said, deteriorate when residents tend to be indifferent.

DMCI Homes Property Management Corporation (DPMC) Senior Vice President Enrico C. Wong urges unit owners to create a culture of community in Sheridan Towers.

“That’s why it is important for you to be not just concerned with your property but also in building a community,” the DPMC executive told unit owners.

“That’s why our philosophy in property management is not just to repair or to address complaints, but to create a culture that we are one as a family in this property. We believe in community ownership and not just unit ownership,” he further explained.

As in other DMCI Homes’ projects, Wong said DPMC will designate a council of advisors among residents who will help the Property Management Office (PMO) plan, monitor, and create activities for the community.

“When you own something, you treasure it, you respect it, and you protect it. And that’s the principle we want to have in this community—that people will not only care for their units but for the whole community,” Wong said.

Dubbed as “Home At Last,” the event held at the roof-deck of Sheridan Towers’ South Tower, also served as an opportunity for unit owners to get to know concerned DMCI Homes officers for their smooth transition into the community namely the Turnover Group, Property Management Office, Customer Care, and Leasing. 

A Sheridan Towers unit owner sings his heart out as he jams with the band.

Unit owners were treated to a night of fun, music, games, and laughter as they got to mingle with DMCI Homes officers and their fellow members of the community.

One of the residents who attended the event, Rodel Manabat, welcomed the institution of such occasion citing its benefits to new unit owners.

“This is very beneficial for new homeowners to get acquainted with the executives, property management, customer care and also with future neighbors of course,” the electrical engineer said.

A development of DMCI Homes, the first Quadruple A developer in the country, Sheridan Tower’s South tower marked ready for occupancy (RFO) status last September, one year ahead of the November 2018 target turnover schedule.

Sheridan Towers’ North Tower, meanwhile, is scheduled for turnover in May 2020.

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