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DMCI Homes Streamlines Business with Next Generation ERP system

September 23, 2014

     Microsoft Dynamics AX to allow the company make optimal decisions, provide more reliable services. 

     DMCI Homes, one of the country's leading real estate firms known for creating innovative resort-inspired communities, is investing in an IT modernization project aimed at further streamlining its business and improve client-servicing.

     To ensure its success, the company recently entered into a partnership agreement with Microsoft, the world's number one software company, for the acquisition of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. MS Dynamics AX is a next generation Enterprise Resource Planning solution that allows businesses to operate more effectively and see the "big" picture so they can make strategic decisions that keep them more efficient and profitable.

     "This is a big investment on the part of DMCI Homes not just in terms of time and money as this will also entail sacrifices on the part of our team. While the new system is being put in place, our staff will need to make major adjustments while we test-run the program," says Alfredo Austria, president of DMCI Homes. "But in the end, both our staff and our customers will benefit greatly from this project since they will be able to get needed information on time. Our staff will also be able to make informed decisions and give our customers better service."

     Microsoft's Central Region General Manager Diana Tibbs, for her part, expressed enthusiasm for the project's success, saying, "With our investments here in the Philippines for over 18 years now, I think it's important for Microsoft to now really focus on its important clients. DMCI Homes is one of those important clients who make that extra effort to really help customers get into their first homes with ease. We are proud to have them entrust the heart and soul of their business in our technology."

    As part of the agreement, Microsoft will provide the needed software while its partners will work with DMCI Homes to ensure that the hardware and the new software would work well. Ignify, Microsoft's official partner-dealer in the Philippines, has also been tapped to provide the needed technical advice and assistance as the company makes the transition from its previous IT system to the new one.

    "As DMCI Homes' partner in this undertaking, we are committed to high standards. We are here with a journey," beams Conrado Sunga, Operations Manager of Ignify. "There will be high points and low points, but we are committed to see them (DMCI Homes) through this project. We hope you'd be able to benefit from this project as it can bring in more value to your organization."

     Once the new system is in place, DMCI Homes will be able to respond to customer queries more quickly. Armed with more accurate and real-time' information, company managers of DMCI Homes will now also be able to make optimal decisions without relying on guess work.

     Finalized after more than a year's search for the most appropriate solution that best complements DMCI Homes' business operations, the project is set to kick off this month. "As is with our residential developments, our company will make every effort to ensure that the project is completed on time or even ahead of schedule," confirmed Austria. ###

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