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DMCI Homes proprietary building design helps condo-dwellers conserve energy, lower electric consumption

March 28, 2020

DMCI_Homes_Torre_De_Manila_Sky_Patio Three-storey high openings called Sky Patios at the front and back of the building allow natural light and air to flow in and out of the living spaces.(Torre De Manila photo)

For developing quality condominiums with generous unit cuts, premium resort-inspired amenities, lush greens and wide open spaces, DMCI Homes has gained a reputation of providing living spaces that are worth every centavo of a homeseeker's money.

Aside from offering reasonable cost and generous amenities for its condominiums, DMCI Homes has developed and incorporated green building features in its residential buildings — that all the more make each project a great buy for those looking for best value homes.

One of these green features is the Lumiventt® Design Technology which allows natural light and air to flow in and out of the living spaces.


DMCI_Homes_Royal_Palm_Residences_atrium With adequate natural light and air permeating through the units, electric consumption can be minimized during the day. (Royal Palm Residences photo)

Coined from the words “lumen” meaning light and “ventus” meaning wind, this design innovation for high-rise residential communities includes a Sky Patio, a three-storey high opening that traverses at the front and back of every five floor levels as well as breezeways and vents in both sides of the building to make cross-ventilation possible.

With natural light permeating through the building, lesser energy consumption is needed to illuminate the structure, resulting to substantial savings on electricity.

Compared to other condominiums where all electric lights are turned on for 24 hours to illuminate hallways, in a typical DMCI Homes high-rise condominium with an average of eight Sky Patios, lights are only turned on in the hallway, landscaped atrium, atrium opening and elevator lobby at night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. as there is adequate natural light that permeates through the building during the day.

In a study conducted by DMCI Homes’ Design and Engineering Department on the 42-storey Iris Tower of Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City, this translates to an average of P11,975.04 electricity consumption per month (based on Meralco’s standard Metro Manila rates) per Sky Patio, or over P70,000 in savings (7,983.36 kw-hr/month) monthly due to the Lumiventt® design.


DMCI_Homes_Allegra_Garden_Place_lap_pool The buildings of new DMCI Homes high-rise developments like Allegra Garden Place in Pasig Boulevard, Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City will also bear the Lumiventt® Design Technology. (Artist's illustration)

The same goes with the individual consumption of lights and airconditioning units.

For instance, the use of a 20-watt incandescent bulb at the living room may no longer be needed from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. because of adequate natural light permeating through the units during the day. This translates to a savings of electricity use of 7.20 kw-hr or over P60 for one month based on 0.02 kilowatt consumption per hour.

Meanwhile, a 2-horsepower airconditioning unit at the living room that will not be used for the same period because of the cool breeze coming from the Sky Patio, translates to over P4, 000 (486 kw-hr/month) monthly savings in electric cost. 

And more than getting big savings on electric bills, this innovative building design most importantly helps DMCI Homes residents conserve electricity and in turn help save the planet’s natural resources.

As experts say, caring for the environment begins at home. 



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