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DMCI Homes Offers Free Advice at HARAYA ARKI Clinic

April 13, 2012

Throughout Padrigo’s professional practice, the interior designer has encountered some of the most common concerns related to condominium living: “The limited space brings up issues of storage and furniture layout.” To make the space look bigger, she suggests making use of built-ins, mirrors, and good lighting, which might seem expensive initially but is the more cost-effective approach in the long run. “'Pag iisipin mo yung effect nya sa interior mo, worth it naman.” 

Sometimes, simply “editing” your home accessories will yield great results for your interiors: “Pinoys love to collect; we’re naturally very sentimental and have a fear of empty spaces,” she explained. “We like to keep trinkets, debut memorabilia, and wedding souvenirs that gather dust but don’t necessarily make the space look nice. It’s nice to have collectibles or displays but keep them to a minimum.” 

Architect Ramos shared another way to maximize space. He said that whenever people look at floor plans, they usually think only in terms of height and width. “It’s important to be sensitive to the three-dimensionality of space. Actual space also includes height so whenever you plan your home, you should develop a sense for three-dimensional space and design,” such as the use of loft rooms, to give an example. 

Further into the topic of affordability, he instructs would-be homeowners how to optimize their budget, and how to better get value for their money. For instance, when buying a condo unit, people usually make their purchase decisions based on total cost. If a company offers an 18SQM unit at PhP3 million and another company offers a 40SQM unit for PhP4 million, the first company’s offer is more expensive on a per-square meter basis. The per-square meter basis of comparison is a much better way to analyze and compare offerings from real estate developers to get better value for their money.

This article can also be viewed on The Philippine Star online

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