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DMCI Homes holds Easytrip RFID installation for condo residents

December 4, 2020

Viera Residences

Over 1,250 vehicles owned by DMCI Homes residents have been installed with Easytrip radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers following the installation caravan in various condominium communities in Metro Manila last month.


The installation project was done in cooperation with the EasyTrip Services Corporation (ESC) to help ease congestion at installation sites and make the process more accessible and convenient to residents of DMCI Homes communities.


Due to a big demand for Easytrip RFID tags, only a limited number of DMCI Homes communities was accommodated by the ESC for the installation caravan.


The installation caravan was done last November 7 at the One Castilla Place and Accolade Place; November 14 in Torre de Manila, Viera Residences, and The Amaryllis; November 20 in Sorrel Residences; November 21 in Stellar Place; November 27 in Zinnia Towers; and November 28 in The Redwoods.


Free installation of Easytrip RFID tags, will also be made for residents of Acacia Estates projects in Taguig City this December 6 and 13 at the Acacia Estates Town Center.


The national government thru the Department of Transportation has mandated toll operators to implement cashless transactions when passing the expressways to further prevent the spread of Covid-19 by avoiding direct contact between toll booth operators and motorists during toll payments. 


Easytrip RFID is the chosen cashless payment system by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), which can be used in the following expressways: CAVITEX, C5 Link, CALAX, NLEX, and SCTEX.


Meanwhile, residents who have availed of the Easytrip RFID installation commended their property management staff for facilitating the project.


Sorrel Residences

Very commendable”


Mr. Miguel Lugtu, a resident of One Castilla Place heaped praise on the One Castilla Place Property Management Office (PMO) for making the installation process a breeze.


“We hear so much horror stories in getting Easytrip RFID in all media platforms and the fact that our very own PMO took the initiative is very commendable. On top of that, I should mention that the system placed from pre-registration to scheduling to actual installation was very efficient that it only took us less than 20 minutes to fill-up the form to installation,” Lugtu said.


“Many installation sites can definitely learn from our experience here in One Castilla Place. Thank you, thank you, thank you PMO! You not only relieve us of the stress where to have our RFID installed, you even made the actual installation process a breeze,” he added.


Stellar Place



Mr. Boy Javier, also a resident of One Castilla Place, echoed the pronouncements of his neighbor Mr. Lugtu.


“The RFID installation project was very helpful. It was well-organized, with a registration station, and a per basement installation schedule, so it was not only efficient, but it also observed Covid 19 safety protocols,” Mr. Javier shared.


“We are pleased that PMO has embarked on projects that go beyond responding to condo-living needs. That PMO has taken on projects that respond to residents' needs, even those that are beyond the premises, speak well of PMO's interest to improve on traditional resident/consumer experience,” he continued.


Torre De Manila

“Safe and well-planned”


Zinnia Towers residents, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Diwa Gacosta, likewise lauded the PMO for the safe, well-planned and organized RFID installation project.


“The Easytrip RFID installation here at Zinnia Towers had been very convenient for us, residents. It saved us from queuing and going out. We find the entire process efficient, safe and hassle-free,” Mr. and Mrs. Gacosta said.


Mr. and Mrs. Gacosta said the Zinnia Towers PMO did a great job in communicating the activity to the residents through announcements, instructions and reminders that were sent out in a timely manner, providing residents enough lead time to sign up as well as fill-out the registration form.


“Given the COVID-19 threat, the actual RFID installation not only was convenient, but it is worth noting that the execution was very well-planned and organized. At no point did we feel having our safety compromised. So well done!” Mr. and Mrs. Gacosta related.


The couple thanked the Zinnia Towers PMO staff for always going above and beyond their duty to attend to the needs of residents.


“This RFID installation activity is a testament of how committed you are in providing quality service and making life here at Zinnia better, safer and happier. Keep up the good work,” the couple said.


“Great project”


Mr. Nilo C. San Buenaventura, a resident of Viera Residences, also thanked the Viera Residences PMO for always looking after the welfare of the community.


“It was a great project by the PMO because they gave value to its residents in alleviating our concerns with regards to availing it on our own. Convenience was on our side considering that it was conducted in our own community minus the hassle of queueing under the heat of the sun and we were guaranteed an RFID sticker,” Mr. San Buenaventura said.


“The process the PMO employed was organized and benefitted both parties. We look forward to other projects that are mutually beneficial, true to DMCI Homes’ vision of developing a community that shall endure generations. Kudos and keep up the good work, Viera PMO!” he exclaimed.


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