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DMCI Homes ensures quality backed with a 2-year warranty

January 31, 2013

DMCI Homes is a trusted brand of homebuyers not only for the beauty and benefits of homes and residential communities carrying its name but also for their impeccable quality. The Triple A property developer has its own quality program that ensures homebuyers are getting their investment’s worth while enjoying a good lifestyle.

DMCI Homes not only uses the best materials from trusted suppliers and rely on the track record of contractors for quality workmanship.

“Tests are done before we deliver each unit to make sure it meets the standards prior to the use of the homeowners,” says Josephine C. Isidro, head of DMCI Homes’ Quality Management Department.

Isidro is referring to the proprietary 102-point inspection of the company from design, construction to turnover. Based on national standards and industry practices, the inspection consists of two stages. A specific number of tests are done for the in-process inspection and another set of tests is for testing and commissioning.

“In condo buildings, individual units share walls, lines, pipes, and so on. Future repair and maintenance concerns may therefore affect not just one unit, but potentially all units in a building. Since we value privacy and exclusivity in all our projects, we want to minimize disruptions or disturbances to residents and their neighbors due to such concerns”, Isidro adds.

“This is why our quality system not only checks individual units, but also how each unit behaves in building-wide scenarios. This ensures that the units we deliver are field-tested for actual use.”

Isidro notes that the company buyer’s guide indicates a two-year limited warranty for workmanship issues. It is a common practice in the industry to offer a one-year warranty only. The warranty covers all unit deliverables such as paints, kitchen cabinets and countertops except operable items that are subject to wear and tear due to daily use such as faucets and door knobs.

Assuring the quality of DMCI Homes residential units and communities is its engineering and construction arm DM Consunji Inc. (DMCI). DMCI has almost 60 years of experience in constructing houses, factories, hotels, resorts, hospitals and office towers. DMCI Homes encourages its own employees to improve the quality of every residential community and condominium projects.

“Internal Quality awards are given to recognize effort and to continue to inspire to keep doing a good job in making sure the standards are met or exceeded. It is done to motivate the employees,” says Isidro.

The company gives a special award for improvement on quarterly performance, responsiveness for not repeating errors, and compliance consciousness. There is also a quality award covering quality assurance, quality control and records management. Award winners are chosen after an internal evaluation and they are given cash prize and token.

DMCI Homes counts among its developments subdivisions, high-rise and mid-rise condominiums and leisure communities. All bear the hallmarks of the company’s highest quality standards. ###

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