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DMCI Homes enriches condo community lifestyle with family tour

Siena Park Residences | April 5, 2017

The activity aimed to enrich residents’ learning, promote education and exposure to interesting sites, and uphold friendship among neighbours at the same time.

As part of its efforts to foster a closely-knit condominium community, the Philippines’ first quadruple A property builder DMCI Homes implemented a weekend educational tour for the families of homeowners residing at the developer’s resort-themed residences.


The activity aimed to enrich residents’ learning, promote education and exposure to interesting sites, and uphold friendship among neighbours at the same time. Just recently, the DMCI Homes Property Management Corp. (DPMC) held a farm tour for a group of families from Siena Park Residences in Bicutan, Paranaque. The trip took place at Gourmet Farms, the famous culinary herbs plantation at Silang, Cavite.


Guided trips to various parts of the farm were held, which included stopovers at the plantation’s cafe and restaurant, and a visit to the greenhouses, plant nursery, composting site, sanctuary, lodge, and windmill area. The kids were able to appreciate the animals in the farm such as carabaos, goats, and a civet cat. Highlighting the adventure was a visit to the fields of different kitchen herbs and the coffee factory.


“Our objective is to connect our communities in the spirit of family and friendship. We do this by holding activities that we can enjoy together, while learning at the same time. It’s not just about holding parties or bazaars at our developments, but also by doing educational tours. This way, we can really be sincere in our work of building communities. We don’t just sell condo units and the story ends there,” explained DMCI Homes Senior Vice President and head of DPMC Enrico Wong.


Every DMCI Homes condominium community is designed to give residents a better quality of family living in the city. A large portion of the property site is always devoted to open spaces, where outdoor amenities like landscaped gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds and basketball court are located. Enhancing the tropical atmosphere is the green architecture of residential buildings, where garden atriums, breezeways and Sky Patios let in fresh air and sunlight for natural ventilation and lighting.


“At DMCI, we don't want to be known as builders of buildings and structures. We want to be builders of communities. That is why if you see the design of our properties, it's meant to create family living. We could have converted the open spaces into sellable units, but we chose not to because you miss the objective of creating communities,” added Wong.


DMCI Homes’ concept of family living is aligned with the farm tour as the gardens and parks at Gourmet Farms are like extensions of the greens and open spaces in Siena Park Residences and other DMCI Homes communities. By bringing residents close to nature, kids and parents learn to care for the environment.


“The kids grow up understanding nature,” Wong said. “Children these days are too preoccupied with gadgets that they don’t know what an ‘alitaptap’ is unless you bring them to an exposure like this.”


The Siena Park Residences families, accompanied by Property Management Office staff and DMCI Homes’ marketing people led by Wong started the tour of Gourmet Farms by having a light breakfast at the coffee shop, where they tried organic bread and eggs, fruit juice and coffee. Tour guides then oriented the visitors about the activity before showing them around the different parts of the farm.


The children were given pots with soil and herb plants to bring home as souvenir before touring the coffee processing facility, where about 10 stages of how civet coffee is prepared for packing are explained by the tour guide. Capping the tour is a healthy lunch at The Dining Room. The guests ate meals containing vegetables and herbs grown in the same farm and drank refreshments of banaba iced tea while a pianist filled the air with relaxing music.


For more details about Siena Park Residences and other DMCI Homes’ residential developments, please call (632) 324-8888 or visit DMCI Homes’official website. You may also follow the company’s official social media accounts on Facebook,TwitterYouTube and Instagram.

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