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DMCI Homes, EC Gas sign deal to introduce safer LPG tanks to homeowners

February 16, 2015

DMCI Homes and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier Eastern Petroleum’s EC Gas have signed an agreement to promote the use of safer & lightweight LPG tanks among residents in the triple A property builder's condominium communities as an added safety measure for homeowners.

DMCI Homes President Alfredo R. Austria and Fernando L. Martinez, chairman and chief operating officer of Eastern Petroleum, the mother company of EC Gas, signed the memorandum of agreement at the developer's head office in Makati City on Jan. 14.

Under the agreement, DMCI Homes will endorse to thousands of DMCI Homes residents the use of EC Gas fiberglass LPG cylinders that will also carry the developer's name.  EC Gas will also offer a discount for the EC Gas cylinder to all DMCI Homes residents.  For its part, EC Gas will supply the products and promote DMCI Homes as a user of the LPG brand.

Citing the “Iwas Sunog, Iwas Sabog” slogan of EC Gas, Martinez said the unique container can protect homeowners from LPG-related fire or explosion and accident.

“The safety of our homeowners is a big concern for us,” said Austria.

Aside from making DMCI Homes communities safer, Martinez said the fiberglass LPG tank promotes customer satisfaction because of its other innovative features. An EC Gas cylinder is half lighter than conventional steel LPG tanks, is translucent so the content level is visible to know when it is time to refill, and lasts longer, based on thousands of customers already using EC Gas.

“Our partnership with EC Gas also creates more convenience to give homeowners better value for their property investment,” Austria said.

“The partnership supports our tagline consistent with our goal of a high customer satisfaction among our customers,” DMCI Homes Senior Vice President for Sales Florante C. Ofrecio said of the agreement.

The EC Gas fiberglass cylinder is imported from Norway and consists of the explosion-proof fiberglass and an HDPE protective exterior casing. About 10 million such LPG containers are used in 40 countries with no single case of explosion, according to Martinez.

EC Gas became the exclusive distributor of the patented LPG cylinder technology last year because the company also wants to take on the challenge of reducing if not eliminating the more than 100 fires & explosion that occur in the country every year with corresponding casualties. With the agreement, Martinez said DMCI Homes will help EC Gas in its campaign.

“When you buy a house, it's a serious investment and it pains us that what you have invested in may be gone in just a few hours because of an LPG explosion,” Martinez said. “Of course, the safety of your family is also at stake.”

Martinez added that EC Gas is fitted with a safety flow limiter that automatically stops the flow of LPG in case of accidental disconnection or rupture. EC Gas also received many testimonials where EC Gas users noted a longer lasting LPG, an increase of around 25% when cooking.

“You will be surprised when you try EC Gas. If before your full LPG tank lasts for one month, it will now last for one week more. That's how it is very economical,” he said.

Martinez also said that homeowners are assured of correct amount of LPG content with EC Gas' transparent casing.

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