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Create Your Own Private Garden

January 14, 2008

At a time when every square meter of urban space costs so much, a growing number of families and individuals are becoming increasingly inclined towards condo living. But to live in a smaller space does not mean boxing yourself tight in your unit with little air to breathe or little room to expand your consciousness. There are today modern hanging gardens -- gardens on a balcony -- that provide a comforting space to urban dwellers. At Riverfront Residences, you can cultivate your own garden right at your own balcony.

Located along Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave. and bordered on the north by scenic Marikina River, Riverfront Residences is a 3.2-hectare sprawl that aims to provide young Filipino families not just a place to call home, but a premium-quality, urban-friendly and fully-serviced community that is within reasonable reach.

The nine five-storey residential buildings are of modern-contemporary design which flawlessly melds beauty and function. Elements like bricks, stone and wood accentuate clean and simple design lines.  Each superbly built unit - from the typical 42sqm two-bedroom to the 99sqm tandem - are lined in corridors are single loaded.  This allows for utmost privacy and an enhanced sense of space for the residents, as well as for the abundant entry of natural lighting and ventilation.

Amenities, on the other hand, include a two-story clubhouse with basement, a swimming pool, a basketball court, pocket gardens, spacious lawns, playgrounds, gazebos, a jogging path, planting areas of sweet-scented herbs and flowers, viewing podiums by the river, and even fixed barbecue pits for outdoor cookout parties, among others.

Masterplanned by DMCI Homes, the country's first Triple A builder/developer, Riverfront Residences truly offers an environment that is "healthy and good for the general well-being of a growing family".  And here, starting your own balcony garden is a cinch.  Here are some helpful tips for you.

  • Depending on the sun exposure on your side of the condo, you can grow herbs and flowering plants, dwarf trees, or even vegetables like tomatoes in your garden. You can start by deciding on a theme or purpose for your garden to make layout planning and designing the area easier.
  • Decide where to place your plants while considering the height of the plants, the spaces in-between, the combination of colors, and so on. Move the potted plants around so you have an idea where they should go, which plants should sit together, and how the entire place would look like.
  • Plan whether to plant them in terra-cotta pots, in glass containers, in plastic or wood boxes. These varied containers affect plants differently so it is best to ask your supplier what will work best in your balcony.
  • Consider putting a border in your garden -- it serves aesthetic (frames the area nicely), and practical purposes (fences soil and dirt in).
  • Pick a focal point of interest -- maybe a little fountain, a bird-feeder, a sculpture, or a big, vibrant-colored plant as the centerpiece -- to make your garden easy on the eyes and not looking like a confusing mess in a cluttered space.
  • To add more elements in a small area, use tiered plant racks or cultivate hanging plants.
  • Remember to pick light materials or light furniture so as not to put too much strain on the balcony structure. You may consult the property management office.
  • Since your garden is built on a balcony, observe the amount of sun, wind, and rain that pass through it, and decide if you need to place a shield to protect your garden.
  • Plan a space where you can put lounging chairs and a small table so it can also serve as an area where you can chill out, meditate, or entertain relatives and friends.

At Riverfront Residences, residents are encouraged to create living spaces that boost life and soothe the soul.

Life is what you make it. Create a balcony garden in your condo and add a profusion of nature and color in your private space.

For inquiries on Riverfront Residences and other DMCI Homes projects, please call 888-3333 or visit


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