Condo dwellers taught to be responsible pet owners

Philippine Animal Rescue Team Executive Director Rowena Suzara gives a lecture on responsible pet ownership.

Philippine Animal Rescue Team Executive Director Rowena Suzara gives a lecture on responsible pet ownership.

The country’s first Quadruple A developer, DMCI Homes, has linked hands with animal advocates in its bid to promote responsible pet ownership in its condominium communities. 

Last Sept. 23, DMCI Homes invited the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) to its Stellar Place property in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City to educate residents not only on the proper handling of their pet dogs and cats but also on the appropriate way of dealing with stray animals.

During the seminar, Stellar Place unit owners were told to make it a commitment to address their pets’ physical, social, emotional and mental well-being by giving them adequate sustenance, proper shelter, medical care and daily exercise.

“Your needs are similar to your pets’ needs. So it’s just like taking care of a child and if your dogs are seniors, it’s like taking care of your old parents,” PART Executive Director Rowena Suzara told the unit owners.

At the same time, the animal welfare group official took the opportunity to introduce the Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program to prevent overpopulation of stray animals in the property.

“We have to learn to coexist with animals. As humans, we need space. We need land. It’s the same thing with animals if we drive them out of their habitats,” Suzara said as she enumerated the long term benefits of the scheme.

The UP-MMDA Vanguard K9 Corps, on the other hand, demonstrated basic obedience training for pet dogs as part of the group’s advocacy to raise disaster awareness.

A member of the UP-MMDA Vanguard K9 Corps gives tips on obedience training for pet dogs.

A member of the UP-MMDA Vanguard K9 Corps gives tips on obedience training for pet dogs.

The group, which is composed of volunteer canine enthusiasts, trains owners and their pet dogs to be able responders in the event of a disaster particularly during a strong earthquake.

“Our group is a group of volunteers who train regularly and vigorously to be good in search and rescue. We’re dog enthusiasts with the desire to help other people and their dogs to be ready in case a ‘big one’ happens or a disaster happens,” explained one of the group’s members, Pat Aquino, who brought along her 4-year-old Belgian Malinois during the seminar.

The seminar was part of Stellar Place’s dog fashion show dubbed as “Furry Fashionista” wherein unit owners’ paraded their pet dogs in their costumes. The show’s proceeds were donated to PART to help finance the needs of the shelter for rescued animals in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

“I learned a lot from the seminar like the proper way of handling a leash, the proper care when my dogs get sick and also basic obedience training,” said Larraine Joyce Solis whose pet Shih Tzu “Flower” won first place in the dog fashion show.

Stellar Place resident veterinarian May Javier administers anti-rabbies vaccination

Stellar Place resident veterinarian May Javier administers the anti-rabies vaccination of pet dogs in DMCI Homes’ Stellar Place community in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

The condo’s resident veterinarian May Javier, who is also a member of the UP-MMDA Vanguard K9 Corps, meanwhile, led the anti-rabies vaccination for pet dogs in the resort-inspired community.

Just like in every DMCI Homes community, Stellar Place allows each condo unit to have a total of two pet dogs or cats that weigh less than 25 pounds and standing 15 inches in height when full-grown.

Stellar Place is one of the developments of DMCI Homes, the country’s first Quadruple A developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio, Boracay and Davao City. Each of its properties is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.'s over 60 years of expertise in the construction and development industry. 

To learn more about Stellar Place and other DMCI Homes projects, call (632) 324-8888. News and other updates are also posted on the company's official social media accounts on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.

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