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Beating Metro Manila traffic with DMCI Homes' Transit-Oriented Living Solutions

February 26, 2024

DMCI Homes' Transit-Oriented Development

Imagine living in a world where no one has to stress about being late for work, going to the nearest hospital, or looking for a ride to send his or her children to school. Just the thought of having that world already eases that tension we feel in our body—almost quite literally.

That’s when transit-oriented development or TOD, come in. According to, a transit-oriented development is “a creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around high-quality train systems.”

In short, no more worrying about going around the city. 

A TOD gives residents the advantage of urban mobility, a big dream-come-true for the busy-city dwellers. 


DMCI Homes' ready-for-occupancy project, Infina Towers, as well as pre-selling development, The Oriana, located along Aurora Blvd., Quezon City, benefit from convenient access to public transportation. This includes train terminals such as the Anonas and Katipunan stations of the Recto Avenue-Masinag, Antipolo LRT Line, and the proposed Anonas station of the highly anticipated Metro Manila Subway system.

Apart from this, TOD is a compact urban development, which means the key areas are literally nearby, sometimes within walking distance from the residential area. This results in a better quality of life. 

Considering all these benefits and more, living in a TOD could very well become your top choice for your dream home. After all, why not embrace a lifestyle that combines convenience, accessibility, and an improved living experience?

Here’s a transit map showcasing DMCI Homes’ TODs, highlighting the accessibility and strategic locations of these urban havens.

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