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Batang Condo web docu-drama highlights DMCI Homes

July 10, 2013

Today, more and more urban families are living in condominium communities. The design, affordability, amenity and location of these residential buildings make them ideal homes for couples with children as much as to single professionals and expatriates.

A peek at a DMCI Homes community will see how wonderful such condos are as a family home and for raising kids. Children enjoying the swimming pool, teens playing basketball, moms sunbathing babies on strollers and students surfing the web at a clubhouse lounge are common sights at dozens of DMCI Homes’ resort-themed communities in Metro Manila. Well-designed and comfortable homes in the communities also teem with family life scenes such as dining or watching TV together.

DMCI Homes is giving a closer and more personal picture of how children happily grow up in its family-oriented residential communities through a docu-drama series dubbed as “Batang Condo.” Batang Condo has 12 episodes to be shown on DMCI Homes’ YouTube channel,, every Friday starting July 19, 2013. Each 2-3 minutes episode features four children living in different DMCI Homes communities and their activities and interactions with other people.

Aside from providing a genuine glimpse of condo living, Batang Condo will show how Filipino family life and values have changed significantly in the past decade. It will also show the positive effects and benefits of raising children in condo communities.

The first episode will feature 12-year-old Caryll and her family living in one of the Acacia Estates’ community in Taguig City. It also shows the decision of her parents to have her mom, Glyne, to become a full time housewife and mother.

Other participants are 7-year old Allen from a community in the south; 11 years old André, and 3 years old Anissa, both from DMCI Homes communities in the northern part of the metro.

The Batang Condo videos are made more interesting with music, emotional shots and clips with movie quality editing. Parents share their own thoughts on dealing with their son or daughter. Sociologist Bro. Clifford Sorita and pychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Ventura also share their insights and explanations on the motivation behind condo living and the activities of condo dwellers from an expert’s point of view making the short videos more informative.

The project mirrors DMCI Homes’ quality homes and communities that make them conducive to raise a family and how homeowners derive physical, emotional and mental benefits from them.

DMCI Homes is a company of innovative builders and engineering experts that develops modern day living solutions for urban families. Each of its developments is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.’s almost 60 years of expertise in the construction and development industry. Its corporate philosophy is anchored on a deep understanding that buying a home is more about investing in a better way of living. Thanks to feature-rich, ideally located communities, residents can finally enjoy a more comfortable and meaningful way of life where they can feel real good to be home.

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