Why condo living is ideal for new families

November 9, 2023

Couples getting into the married life often find themselves looking for a home to call their own. 


It’s no secret that buying your very own home is a big financial commitment, and some couples can’t afford it right away especially if they are looking to buy a house and lot for their dream house. More newlyweds and new parents gravitate towards condominium living as they build their family, and for good reason.


Couples don’t have to put their plans on hold while they are sorting out strategies for the future. Here are four reasons why new families should consider condominiums as their first home: 



Condo living is well suited for couples saving up for their future family. At this stage, partners are usually busy at work, so convenience is key. They can choose to live in a residential building that’s close to their offices, reducing daily travel time and leaving more moments for couples to spend at home. This is particularly important for those who are raising a baby, as every minute saved commuting means more time for their kid. 


Filipino homebuyers prefer to live in properties which are within walking distance to work or to a public transport hub, according to a 2021 survey, followed by the distance to restaurants and retail amenities. Most condominiums are located near central business districts, major roads, schools, medical clinics, and malls to cater to every need of family members. This ease of access provides peace of mind day-to-day. 


Supportive community 

It’s nice to live in peace and quiet amidst the fast-paced city living. Residential condos by DMCI Homes are designed to give just that, with lush greenery and fresh air within buildings thanks to the trademark Lumiventt technology letting residents breathe and unwind. Open fields, playgrounds, and swimming pools create endless possibilities for children to run free and make new friends.


Condominiums developed by DMCI Homes are home to vibrant residential communities that enrich the family life of its residents. Gone are the days when condo living is perceived to be stiff and snobby — DMCI Homes property managers actively foster tight-knit communities by organizing kiddie activities as well as community gatherings for fellow residents to bond. Bazaars, sports events, and play dates are among the many activities that foster warm ties among neighbors which are available all year round across DMCI properties.


Manage finances better

Real estate is a major investment that could be heavy on the pocket for new families. Thankfully, DMCI Homes’ HomeReady™ program gives flexible options for acquiring your first home. 


The HomeReady™ program is a rent-to-own scheme for those looking to buy real estate. Couples looking for a home can move into a DMCI Homes unit under a two-year rental agreement and are later given the option to buy the property by settling a downpayment worth 10% of the unit’s price. Should they decide to buy that unit, up to 60% of rental fees paid in the past two years will be credited as part of the downpayment. 


It’s perfect for families starting out as they get to experience condo living while saving up to buy a home rather than waste their money away in perpetual rental payments. HomeReady™ tenants are also accorded price protection as the unit will be sold to them at the price quoted at the beginning of their lease contract and not by the market value two years later. This arrangement saves families from the hassle of hauling their belongings from one place to another — you can own what you are currently renting. 


Home now, investment later 

Owning a condominium unit is a smart investment either as a family home or as a source of passive income. Should families decide to move into a house and lot down the road, they can put up their unit for lease to short-term guests or to long-term tenants. 


They can sell the property as well, and by then, property prices would have grown exponentially. Central bank data showed that condominium prices have risen by 54% nationwide from 2016 to 2022, illustrating just how fast property values appreciate. In Metro Manila, condo prices have risen by 56.8% during the same period.


With DMCI Homes, new families have several options to nurture a comfortable and nurturing home life while managing their finances. Friendly communities across DMCI Homes properties enhance the experience of families and children alike, which make condo living a pleasant and fulfilling experience for all. 

Make your first home a reality with DMCI Homes, a Quadruple A contractor in the Philippines with an impeccable track record of quality and integrity for its construction projects. Through DMCI Homes’ HomeReady™ Program, residents get flexible options to get started with family life. For inquiries, call (632) 5324-8888.