Tuba, Benguet: The next eco-agri tourism frontier

Moncello Crest | May 14, 2024

Beyond its captivating natural beauty, the Municipality of Tuba in Benguet Province, welcomes tourists to experience the joys of farming with local experts and delight in fresh farm-to-table dining.

When city life becomes overwhelming, people often find themselves taking a nature trip to unwind. Fresh air and greenery provide a comforting view that lets you clear your head, and this is why eco-agri tourism is growing more and more popular these days. 


What exactly is eco-agri tourism? 


It’s a new trend that combines leisure travel with sustainable farming and environmental conservation measures to create the perfect balance of culture and nature. 


The province of Benguet has made a name as an eco-agri tourism hub in the Philippines. Banking on the popularity of Baguio City as a summer destination, nearby towns and cities have benefited from the influx of visitors in search for cool weather and a relaxing environment. 


The “Philippines’ Summer Capital” is paving the way for tourists to discover the wonders of the province. The town of Tuba, Benguet has seen several success stories of eco-agri tourism sites that give a chance for travelers to immerse themselves with fresh produce grown in the mountains. 


If you're interested in learning about mushrooms, you can visit farms like the Sanagi Agri-Tourism Farm of Ms. Sharon Bitso along the Palispis-Aspiras Highway (Marcos Highway).

A success story 


Sanagi Agri-Tourism Farm has been one of the go-to farm tourism areas in Tuba. Founded in 2019, the family-owned farm found a way to make oyster mushrooms a worthy side trip for people exploring the Cordillera region. What started as a home-based business selling mushroom growing kits has evolved into a training center and immersive experience for aspiring farmers and curious tourists alike.


The Sanagi Agri-Tourism Farm expanded over the last five years to venture into coffee planting, rabbit raising, mushroom chicharon, and even baked goods from all-organic ingredients. Farm tours and seminars are also drawing more people in as the family farm becomes part of the bucket list of travelers exploring Benguet. 


Jamie & Macky's Berries Agri-Services is owned by Mr. Macky Filangen and Ms. Jen Saingan.

Farm tourism gaining ground


Jamie & Macky's Berries Agri-Services in Barangay Belis, Taloy Norte is another notable eco-agri tourism site in Tuba.


Sustainability lies at the core of its appeal, allowing visitors to pick their own berries while embarking on a scenic trek around the village. Jamie & Macky's Berries Agri-Services also offer consultations, farm setup assistance, wholesale and retail options, and seedling production for budding entrepreneurs.


Clearly, there is strong interest for farm tourism and similar types of eco-agri tourist sites in Benguet. This emerging tourism segment will benefit from projects that will further increase tourist arrivals in the area, such as new accommodations to cater to more visitors.

At Jamie & Macky's Berries Agri-Services, visitors can enjoy farm tours and delight in activities like strawberry and vegetable picking. (Photo courtesy of Jamie & Macky's Berries Agri-Services)

DMCI Homes Leisure Residences, a sub-brand of Quadruple A developer DMCI Homes, is set to support Tuba's thriving industry with the introduction of Moncello Crest, an eco-agri mountain resort condotel.


Additionally, DMCI Homes has pledged to collaborate with the local government and farming communities to enhance farmers' livelihoods through farm-to-table dining, farmers' markets at Moncello Crest, farm tours, assistance in sourcing produce buyers in Metro Manila, and skills training.


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