Young family finds ‘second home’ in DMCI Homes’ QC condo community

Zinnia Towers | October 9, 2018

Businesswoman Rovelyn Feliciano only has good words to say about DMCI Homes’ Zinnia Towers community: “It’s really like a second home for us.”

Residential condominiums continue to evolve as versatile solutions to urban living challenges. 

A condo for rent in Manila is an ideal choice even if startup families and young professionals continue to drive demand for condos as primary homes, global real estate services company Colliers International noted in one of their studies claiming that there is a growing clamor for condominiums as halfway homes because of Metro Manila’s worsening traffic conditions. 

Businesswoman Rovelyn Feliciano, for one, was looking for a convenient place to stay for her family to cut every day travel time from their house in Pulilan, Bulacan to the metro since her children go to school in Quezon City.

“It’s a bit exhausting for me and for my kids so we decided to look for a place situated between QC and Bulacan because I still have to go to my office in Bulacan every day,” said Feliciano who owns a trading firm specializing in industrial products in her home province.

Accustomed to living in a 200-square meter house, Feliciano admitted having second thoughts of residing in a condo as she wanted a bigger dwelling space for her husband Edison and their two children, Eilynn and Edison Jr. 

But all of her apprehensions changed when they visited a model unit in DMCI Homes’ Zinnia Towers resort-inspired development in Balintawak in early 2017.

“We considered other developers aside from DMCI Homes, which was second or third in our list. But when we saw the location, the security and the amenities plus the environment, then that’s the time we decided where to live,” Feliciano beamed.

Actual photo of Zinnia Towers’ atrium garden.

Already familiar to provincial living, the 42-year-old mother of two wanted a condo community with a laidback vibe so her family would not be hard up adjusting to a new environment.

“For me, it’s a perfect combination of rural and urban living kaya hindi rin kami nahirapan masyadong mag-adjust. Kaya siya naging urban living kasi malapit siya sa malls. Malapit ka sa lahat so we’re able to cope very well especially my kids who are millennials,” said Feliciano whose family moved to Zinnia Towers in July 2017.

“For rural, maraming puno saka maluwag pa rin yung environment. I love trees! Kumbaga hindi ka suffocated kasi ang unang notion mo sa condo suffocated ka because you live in a building,” she continued.

Now an owner of a three-bedroom unit, Feliciano is thankful they made the right decision in buying a unit in a DMCI Homes development.

“Ang nagustuhan talaga namin agad is the atrium. Hindi naman pala parang hospital unlike other condos. That’s the first thing na nagustuhan namin talaga plus the environment saka yung mga puno,” she chuckled in reference to Zinnia Towers’ lush landscape.

Unlike other condo developments, DMCI Homes projects feature atrium gardens and single-loaded hallways which create a wide open feel to the building interior.

“There are weekends that we don’t go home anymore especially when the kids have so much to do. First concern of parents is the comfort of kids so the fact that they don’t go home on weekends, it means that they are comfortable here,” Feliciano shared.

Actual photo of Zinnia Towers’ amenity core.

Apart from getting their wish for a mix of rural and urban atmosphere, they have also fallen in love with Zinnia Towers’ vibrant community especially with the variety of activities organized by the Property Management Office (PMO). 

“We really like it here. It’s really like a second home for us. I’m very happy whenever I ride in the elevator at nakikita ko ‘yung mga community activities. Parang ‘yung environment is very friendly,” she said.

“Seems like you could feel that the PMO is really doing so much or thinking so much para doon sa buong community. They are trying their best to communicate sa lahat na we are really family. I really like what they’re doing,” she enthused.

She has endeared herself to the Zinnia Towers community so much that she is already considering growing old in the community with her husband.

“That’s one advantage with condominiums. Time will come my kids will have their own families so it will just be me and my husband. In this community, you know that you will not be alone,” Feliciano said. 

After initially having second thoughts of living in a condo, Feliciano is now convinced they have found not just a halfway home, but a “second home” for her family.

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