Moving in at DMCI's The Amaryllis a life-changing step for young doctor

The Manors at Celebrity Place | June 8, 2016

The busy young surgeon finds time to hit the gym at The Amaryllis

Seeking independence is commonly a stage in life that brings about a personal sense of achievement and pride. Although leaving home for a new one is usually a bittersweet moment, it is also a liberating feeling and usually a decision one must make to be able to grow as a person.

Young orthopedic surgeon Dr. JJ Pua is one such example of those who has had a hard time leaving the family home. He recalls the conversation he had with his parents, which was more or less the same as with anyone planning to live permanently away from home for the first time.
"My parents were persuading me to stay, but I said I was in my 30s already and I wanted to have my own house. I'm already too old to still be living with my parents," he shared.

In the years Pua had longed to be independent, he only had one home he aspired to have. This is The Amaryllis Residences, DMCI Homes' latest resort-themed condominium community along E. Rodriguez Ave. and 12th St. in New Manila, Quezon City.

The Amaryllis has a personal significance for him. Aside from being able to move-in within five months, Pua sees the condo as the ultimate sign of his independence. "It is a reminder of how far I've gone in life. It's by far my biggest investment and I'm proud to have taken this life-changing step."

True enough, the condo offerings did not disappoint. His two-bedroom unit on the 18th floor of the 22-story high-rise enclave suits him well. The ceiling is high and the cut is big for a single person. While fitting as a bachelor's pad, the unit is also ideal for a startup family. If he gets married, Pua says he would raise his family there and even redesign one of the bedrooms as a baby room.

"It's all the more a good investment because a two-bedroom unit at The Amaryllis is still more affordable than buying a townhouse in upscale New Manila," he said.

The residential development has wider hallways and there are landscaped atriums and balconies every five floors for breeze to flow through. Even the four basement parking levels are naturally ventilated and lighted so they are not hot and dark.

"The good ventilation inside the building makes temperature ambient. It does not get so hot and the air is not stale because it always circulates," said the surgeon.

But perhaps most importantly, owning a home in New Manila puts him near his original residence in Kamuning and along the route to the University of Santo Tomas Hospital where he practices and teaches.

"The location is perfect. I no longer have to make adjustments in travel time not only in going to work but also in visiting my family or going to key commercial and business centers," he said.

Pua has been living at the condo for over a year now and has never felt more contented. His parents too, upon seeing his home, couldn't agree more with his decision knowing that their son is in the right place. They still get together every weekend for lunch sometimes at the parents' home, his siblings' or at The Amaryllis.