Adorable pets bring joy to Parañaque condo amidst the pandemic

Asteria Residences | April 25, 2021

Asteria Residences is not only active in caring for stray cats but for all pets in the community, having organized a successful Pet Care Activity in June last year. This activity gave residents an opportunity to have their fur babies checked up, vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed or neutered by a veterinarian without going out of their community during the pandemic.

For pet parents, to say that their fur babies have been a source of comfort during the pandemic would certainly be an understatement.


More than providing comfort, pets have become their lifeline, helping stave off loneliness and anxiety at a time when human contact are limited and people are barred from gathering.


This certainly holds true for the pet-loving residents of DMCI Homes' Asteria Residences condominium in Parañaque City who treat fur babies also as members of the community.


Inspired by their commitment to care for the furry kind, Asteria Residences residents have put up a Facebook Group called "Cats and Dogs of Asteria" where they share photos of their fur babies, pet caring tips, the community’s TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return/Rehome) Advocacy, and even their pets' funny memes.


"Pets bring us joy everyday. They are our stress relievers. By caring for them, they give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment," shared Contessa Biagtan, a resident who has helped put up the social media group to give Asteria Residences pet owners a platform to show their love for their fur babies.


“Momo” is one of the first batch of community cats in Asteria Residences that were subjected to TNVR.

“Cats of Asteria”


With the support of the pet-loving community and the Property Management Office, Contessa has been very active in promoting pet care among her fellow residents ever since her family moved to Asteria Residences in 2017.


“When we moved here, we found out that there are stray cats roaming around the community,” Contessa, a doting mother to her four-year-old son said.


“We thought of ways that could help the stray cats of Asteria and benefit the community as well since we are living together in one community. That’s how our advocacy started,” she continued.


To help control the population of stray cats, the community conducts regular feeding and employs TNVR—an effective and humane method of controlling feral and free-roaming cat populations.


“Garfield” is another former stray cat in Asteria Residences who was subjected to TNVR and later on adopted by a pet-loving family.

“Our goal is to control stray cat population within the community, make them healthier, live longer and happier life, and find someone to adopt them later on,” she said.


According to Contessa, the residents have been very supportive of the community’s animal welfare advocacy, giving donations and even sponsoring the TNVR program for community cats.


For this reason, she is grateful to live in a condominium community that is not only pet-friendly but also has residents who share her love for fur babies.


“I’m thankful to have found a home that is really pet-friendly with lots of open spaces to walk our pets around. Lalaki talaga ang alaga mo as healthy as possible,” said Contessa, a loving fur parent herself.


“Also, we are blessed to live in a community of compassionate residents who have a genuine love for pets. We are living a happy and peaceful life together with the cats and dogs of Asteria,” she beamed.


*DMCI Homes allows each condo unit to have a total of two pet dogs or cats that weigh less than 25 pounds each or less than 15 inches in height (when full-grown) standing on their feet.

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