Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Allegra Garden Place As Your New Home in the Metro

Allegra Garden Place | February 26, 2024

Allegra Garden Place building facade at night.

DMCI Homes once again cements its position as the leading developer in the Philippines with Allegra Garden Place — the latest project featuring the upgraded features that show DMCI Homes’ commitment to enhancing the lives of its residents. 

Check out why Allegra Garden Place should be in your radar if you’re looking for a property that checks all the boxes.

From wellness to convenience, Allegra Garden Place has it all. Here are some features that prove Allegra Garden Place should be your next home in the Metro. 

Its Prime Accessibility Connects You to the Metros’ Centers of Commerce

Strategically positioned at the crossroads of Pasig Blvd. and C-5 in Pasig City, Allegra Garden Place not only boasts a prime location but also presents a myriad of benefits that cater to the modern lifestyle.

Nestled between the vibrant hubs of BGC and Tiendesitas means that your commute to work and lifestyle centers is a breeze, making your daily routine far more convenient. 

With the new BGC-Ortigas Link bridge offering seamless connectivity, navigating the area has become so much easier. 

More than just its central location, Allegra Garden Place places the most important destinations right at your doorstep. 

From shopping sprees to dining adventures, the bustling energy of EDSA, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, and the iconic Megamall vicinity are all within easy reach. Say goodbye to traffic woes, and embrace a lifestyle where everything you need is just a stone's throw away.

Allegra Garden Place Kiddie Pool

Exquisite Amenities for Families, For Health and Wellness, and For Peace of Mind

Allegra Garden Place prioritizes your health and wellness with a range of amenities tailored to keep you active and rejuvenated. 

Take a refreshing dip in the Lap Pool, let your little ones enjoy the Kiddie Pool, or relax in the tranquil surroundings of the Leisure Pool. 

Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the well-designed Jogging Path and the convenience of a well-equipped gym. Whether you're unwinding by the pool or working up a sweat, Allegra Garden Place promotes a healthy lifestyle.

At Allegra Garden Place, family time is cherished and celebrated. The development offers a dedicated and elevated Children's Play Area where kids can have endless adventures in a safe and enjoyable environment. The place also includes a garden for those who want to find a place for relaxation. 

Additionally, the Covered Multi-purpose Court provides space for family sports and bonding activities. These amenities are thoughtfully designed to create memorable moments and strengthen family bonds.

This property is also a sanctuary that provides residents with peace of mind. The Open Lounge and Sky Lounge offer serene surroundings where you can unwind and find solace. 

These spaces allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life while enjoying breathtaking views. In these peaceful settings, you can relax, reflect, and find tranquility, promoting a sense of well-being and peace of mind.

Allegra Garden Place Sky Patio

Cutting-edge Lumiventt Technology Unique to DMCI Homes

Lumiventt Technology is the secret behind Allegra Garden Place's exceptional living experience. It works tirelessly to enhance natural light and ventilation throughout the development, effectively countering the hustle and bustle of urban life. 

This innovative feature not only brings in abundant sunlight but also ensures that fresh air flows freely, creating a more refreshing and eco-friendly environment within the confines of this urban oasis.

Allegra Garden Place Entrance Gate

Exclusive Gated Community

Beyond extravagant features, Allegra Garden Place also establishes itself as a haven of security. This gated community ensures you have your safety and peace of mind by providing an exclusive and secure address where you can relish in comfort and tranquility.

Allegra Garden Place by DMCI Homes epitomizes the essence of modern, comfortable, and convenient living in the heart of the Metro Manila scene.

Through its prime accessibility, exquisite amenities, cutting-edge Lumiventt Technology, and exclusive gated community, Allegra Garden Place sets a new standard for contemporary urban living that gives the residents the Metropolitan living they deserve.