Finding a new life in a DMCI Homes condominium

August 24, 2023

Grace inside her 2-bedroom unit.

A few years ago, Grace and her husband, who both work in government, lost their daughter. 

Before she passed away, she would always tell her mother to get herself a condominium unit, a place where they could all get together, unwind, have barbeque sessions, swim, among others. 

However, at that time, Grace was still paying for another condominium unit. Now that she has enough funds to get a new place, she bought one from DMCI Homes. 

“With a resort type of environment and nature filled with trees, gardens, flowers, my family wanted this place,” she says. 

“Despite my daughter being gone already, this is to relive her memory and her fondness. It is in her honor that we had this. We have been enjoying it because once in a while, we have barbeque sessions, and we go swimming every now and then, we go to the roof top and see the sights—exactly what my daughter wanted.”

Convenient place

Apart from the sentimental value the property holds, Grace and her husband have also found a place convenient for the kind of work they do. 

The property lies near the south of Metro Manila. Having been assigned in the southern part of the metro, Grace comes home to this residential haven during weekdays. Her husband, who is assigned somewhere outside Metro Manila, comes home to this place, too, when he can during weekdays. On weekends, they go to their family home in Quezon City. 

“I have to stay at the office after work hours,” she reveals. “But no matter what time I come home from work, I would be so relaxed, and I would be enjoying the company of my children and my husband each time they choose to be with me. 

On certain weekdays, and sometimes on weekends, we look forward to this southern venue, not only because it’s convenient but also because we like it for the pleasure and leisure we get.” She adds, “(w)orth mentioning, too, is that with its proximity to the airport, this property serves as an expedient and secure take-off point as well as a safe and refreshing return point for us family members who love to travel locally and abroad.”

Grace is more than happy that DMCI Homes exceeded her expectations: “I like this place because compared to other properties where you just pay for the name and nothing more, this one, you are sure to enjoy something that you are paying for.”

‘This is a community in itself’

When they moved in, they didn’t have to do anything to the place or do a lot of renovations—except perhaps to beautify it a little bit. This helped them cut costs and expenses.

She also commended the Property Management Office (PMO) for their willingness to go above and beyond in attending to residents' needs. 

“The PMO personnel are readily accessible, and they can easily be called to attend to your personal needs. This is a community in itself.”

Since moving in, they haven’t experienced water shortages or electricity problems. She also says that the PMO is attentive to their needs, even when they ask for maintenance personnel at odd hours. 

‘Not just a place to sleep in’

The best part about the property for her? It’s still the pool. “I really love to swim,” she reiterates. “I can do walking as an exercise, or I can do Zumba. I prefer relaxing beside the pool, and, of course, when I’m not in the mood to swim, I can just make use of the space there at the lobby to enjoy the fresh air.”

For those who are looking to buy a condominium property, she has these pieces of advice: “Look for a condominium property that would satisfy your needs, not just the need for a space to sleep in but a space to breathe. Even if you have to step out of your unit, it is a space where you can meet other people. It is a property that would enhance your well-being.”

She concludes that with the price point, she got much more than she expected: “It is valuable. It is worth your resources. Another reason I like this place is compared to other properties where you just pay for the name and nothing more, this one, you are sure to enjoy something that you are paying for.”

DMCI Homes is the Philippines’ first Quadruple A real estate developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio, Boracay and Davao City. The company’s portfolio boasts of more than 60 properties since it was launched in 1999. 

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