DMCI Homes’ The Atherton condo in Parañaque City saves energy using solar tube lighting

January 26, 2024

Natural daylight, harnessed by solar tubes, helps brighten the interior spaces of the indoor badminton court. (Artist’s illustration)

Always seeking new ways to innovate, Quadruple A developer DMCI Homes continues to explore new technologies to promote sustainable living in its condominium communities. Just recently, DMCI Homes introduced solar tube lighting in its The Atherton condominium along Dr. A. Santos Avenue in Parañaque City to harness the power of natural daylight. Strategically placed along The Atherton’s open lawn, the solar tubes effectively "harvest" natural daylight and distribute it into the interior spaces of the indoor badminton court.

Actual photo of The Atherton’s indoor badminton court using solar tube lighting.

This process, known as daylight harvesting, enhances indoor illumination by generating an additional light source rather than relying solely on costly artificial lighting. These lights provide additional illumination equivalent to at least 300 watts of energy during daytime at peak noon hours. This translates to energy savings totaling 1.8 kilowatt-hours (kWh) based on a study conducted by DMCI Homes’ Design and Engineering Department.

Actual photo of one of The Atherton’s solar tubes.

The solar tube lighting was introduced to complement DMCI Homes' Lumiventt® Design Technology—an innovative design that ensures free-flowing air and abundant natural light inside high-rise condominiums.

With the Lumiventt® Design Technology, The Atherton is able to reduce the need for artificial lighting and cooling appliances, resulting in substantial energy savings.

The Lumiventt® Design Technology takes advantage of natural light and air through three-story-high openings dubbed Sky Patios, serving as entry points to make this achievement possible.

All three residential buildings—Oak, Helicia, and Almond—are designed with DMCI Homes' Lumiventt® Design Technology. This design innovation saves energy by bringing natural light and fresh air into the residential spaces, creating an airy, resort-like atmosphere rather than a cramped condominium building heavily dependent on artificial lighting and cooling appliances. (Actual photo of the landscaped atrium)

This design also significantly enhances residents' well-being as exposure to natural light has been found to positively impact human health and well-being.

Moreover, the improved air circulation prevents the accumulation of moisture, odors, and harmful gases, resulting in long-term health benefits for the building occupants.

“Driven by innovation and guided by sustainability, we are continuously finding ways to enrich the lives of our residents while reducing our environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly technologies and practices,” Butch Mendizabal, DMCI Homes Corporate Communications Manager, said.

The Atherton is one of the developments of DMCI Homes, the country’s first Quadruple A real estate developer known for building quality resort-inspired communities in Mega Manila, Baguio City, Boracay, and Davao City. Each of its properties is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.’s over 60 years of expertise in the construction and development industry.

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