March 11, 2009

Tropical Oasis in the City

Gentle, dainty and classic - traits often associated with the Magnolia flower, which many homeowners, likewise, seek to have in their dream home. For jaded urbanites who have grown accustomed to the suffocating effects of the urban jungle, associating such traits to a housing project within a vibrant locale would seem quite far-fetched. Not until today.

DMCI Homes, which by now has mastered the craft of fulfilling aspirations for modest-income professionals and their families for a decent home with first-rate features and a unique theme, is coming up with a new development called Magnolia Place, keeping this concept in mind. Serving as its "crown" is a half-kilometer long Curvilinear Tree-lined drive, filled with manicured landscapes and planting strips in the entire stretch. 

Like the gentle Magnolia flower from which the development derived its name from, the new development will provide such idyllic facets in a community that's soon to flourish with serenity and contemporary aesthetics. Landscaping inside the residential building is also expected to contain a more pronounced "tropical theme" that's different from other existing projects of DMCI Homes.