September 24, 2015
“Our priority, really, has always been to give more time to our daughter...”
Rogelio and Wilma Lindain, IT Professionals
September 23, 2015
“I don’t want to call myself a squatter but we have been illegal settlers for about 27 years,”
Luther John dela Cruz, Entertainer - Disney Cruise Line
September 7, 2015
“I guess helping improve the community has already become a calling for me,” smiled Elmer. “It has since become an innate passion,which I have developed in my over twenty years of providing health care services to people with little or no access at all...
Elmer Perez, Registered Nurse / Research Officer / Accreditor
July 16, 2015
"When we first came here last May (2014), I immediately fell in love with the place .I thought it was perfect for my family because everything we need to keep fit and be able to bond as a family is already here.”
Florence and Henry Subido, Sports-Educators
June 19, 2015
“The Accolade Place community provides our kids a place to imbibe appropriate social behavior such as making friends, waiting for their turns, or how to get along with others,”
Mr. Kayo and Mrs. Nica Cosio, Art-enthusiasts , Chief Marketing Strategist and Business Owner
January 9, 2015
“I'm amazed of The Amaryllis because it is like a condotel. It is not a typical residential condominium with its hotel-like lobby, organized units and the relaxing ambience..."
Rosie Calalang, Sister to unit owner - Dr. Cesar Calalang (Physician and currently residing in Australia)
August 19, 2014
Seeing just the model unit, I already felt comfortable. Me and my wife decided right there and then to choose Siena Park for our home.”
JVee Casio, Professional Basketball Player (PBA)
August 19, 2014
"It's not a typical condo. It's like a vacation home."
Mr & Mrs. Christian Tan, Flight Steward
March 24, 2014
"I can see my family living here for quite some time."
Robert and Carla Maye Wong, Business Professionals
June 17, 2013
“This is really ideal for a startup family,”
Kristine Layaoen, Marketing Research Consultant