January 9, 2015
“I'm amazed of The Amaryllis because it is like a condotel. It is not a typical residential condominium with its hotel-like lobby, organized units and the relaxing ambience..."
Rosie Calalang, Sister to unit owner - Dr. Cesar Calalang (Physician and currently residing in Australia)
August 19, 2014
Seeing just the model unit, I already felt comfortable. Me and my wife decided right there and then to choose Siena Park for our home.”
JVee Casio, Professional Basketball Player (PBA)
August 19, 2014
"It's not a typical condo. It's like a vacation home."
Mr & Mrs. Christian Tan, Flight Steward
March 24, 2014
"I can see my family living here for quite some time."
Robert and Carla Maye Wong, Business Professionals
June 17, 2013
“This is really ideal for a startup family,”
Kristine Layaoen, Marketing Research Consultant
March 7, 2013
When I saw the unit in December [2012], I said, ‘What do I do with you? Will I live here or not? Will I rent it out or sell it?’ My heart says, ‘Live in it'
Thea Gutierrez, Product Communications Manager
January 17, 2013
“The wind enters the dining room window and exits through the bedroom window.”
Jomar Hilario, Online Marketer and Virtual Assistant Teacher
December 17, 2012
When I entered the gates, I knew we were in here for the long haul,” Margauxh shares. “I saw a real home, not just boxes atop one another, and I also saw a community where I can share my gifts and further my profession.
Margauxh & Fritz Lim, Pre-school teacher & Engineer
December 16, 2012
When I saw it upon completion, I thought ‘Wow, this is really where I’m gonna live? It’s amazing!
Raymond Flores, Flight Attendant
December 12, 2012
The place had so much charm and potential, we felt good with the idea of moving here.
Elmer and Necy Kempis, Analyst Programmer and Businesswoman